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A Chat with Katrin Jonas About Her ‘BodyWareness’ Therapy

You’ve tried everything but still feel stressed and those pains and aches persist.  You don’t know where else to turn. Today, we talk to Katrin Jonas about her ‘BodyWareness’ therapy – a unique approach to body and being that helps … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Weekend Survival Guide…

Well, like it or not, it’s here.  My social media feeds are full of loved-up couples sharing romantic weekend plans, middle-aged couples planning on staying in and not making a big deal of it, (But who will be livid if … Continue reading

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TreatNOW Interview: Katrin Jonas on Feldenkrais and Making Friends With Your Body

At TreatNOW we are as passionate about health and wellbeing as we are about hair and beauty, and for this reason we were thrilled at the chance to speak with Katrin Jonas, an internationally working Holistic Therapist, about the unusual practice of … Continue reading

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