A Chat with Katrin Jonas About Her ‘BodyWareness’ Therapy

Find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW!

Find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW!

You’ve tried everything but still feel stressed and those pains and aches persist.  You don’t know where else to turn. Today, we talk to Katrin Jonas about her ‘BodyWareness’ therapy – a unique approach to body and being that helps get to the root of the problem inside and out.

Tell us a little about yourself.


Katrin 1I am an internationally working and London-based Holistic Therapist, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Meditation Mentor from Germany specialising in tailor-made stress management, relaxation methods, awareness and movement meditation techniques. I have been working for more than 15 years with clients from various walks of life. I call what I do “BodyWareness” because, from my perspective, when it comes to health and well-being, awareness of one’s body is the key for any long-lasting change.

Tell us more about your new venue.

Since 2015, I have been working as a therapist with TreatNow where I offer a variety of ‘BodyWareness’ treatments in the beautiful venue of 58 South Molton Street, London Mayfair. I am now delighted to announce a further venue for treatments and sessions and will be able to work with clients at the Evolve Wellness Centre, located in charming South Kensington.

What’s  the Evolve Wellness Centre like?

This centre is a very tranquil place where yoga and pilates classes, innovative workshops or courses for self-experience and meditation are being held. On the basis of a holistic approach, people are inspired to create a healthy work/life balance and grow, heal and evolve within a like-minded community.

What Treatments and Sessions do you offer at Evolve?

My portfolio at the Evolve Wellness Centre includes a variety of treatments that stimulate the body to calm down and to re-connect with the inner healing force via a focused stimulation of the nervous system. The effects on health conditions, stress-related disorders, aches and long-term pain can be tremendous. Yet, my treatments are not only suitable for people who feel unwell with their bodies. They are a wonderful opportunity to give my clients a precious “time out” to recharge, unwind and be in inner harmony with their bodies and themselves.Katrin 3

What can we expect?

‘BodyWareness’ BASICS: A Feldenkrais Treatment in “Functional Integration”Katrin 2

By using a clear, yet respectful touch and mostly minimal movements of skeleton and muscles, it is possible to reach a state of deep relaxation, well-being and awareness of your body and yourself. During a session, you remain fully clothed and make yourself comfortable on a treatment table while you follow the gentle touch applied. Natural impulses will stimulate your brain to reorganise itself towards an inner state of balance and peace. In a nutshell, all you have to do is tune into your inner self.

Duration: 1 or 1.5 hrs. 1:1

Sessions in body-oriented Meditation

Promoting relaxed awareness, authenticity and inner contentment, meditation is an essential tool for everyday life to deal with stress, challenges and the constantly changing environment of today’s world. In this session, you will be introduced to a variety of body-oriented awareness and meditation techniques figuring out which kind of method suits you best and is best in tune with your body’s constitution. Please remember that meditating does not necessarily mean to sitting and brooding for hours. It can be joyful and alive; and in utter harmony with your body’s needs.

Each client receives my book on body-oriented meditation Meditation: Body Bliss & Inner Glow which has just been published.

Duration: 50 min or 75 min.

The Energy Treat: Reflexology (exclusively for Evolve)

It is a hands-on treatment that uses finger pressure to various reflex zones on the soles and back of the feet. These zones are connected to specific organs and body areas via the nerve-pathways. Blocked energy channels (meridians) throughout the body become stimulated and freed. Both the immune system as well as the self-healing power of the body are getting a boost.Katrin 4

A series of six Chinese foot reflexology treatments can be booked as a Intensive Detox Programme  that improves circulation and lymphatic flow. This package of six treatments is deeply cleansing, can energise the whole metabolism and leads to inner renewal and well-being.

Duration: 1 or 1.5 hrs.

All treatments can be booked via TreatNow.

Thanks very much Katrina, even talking to you makes me feel calm and serene, I can’t wait to try a treatment!

Download the TreatNOW Android app here. Apple users, please open www.treatnow.co on your device and save it to the homescreen, it will work just like an app!



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