LFW Retrospective Review – Why We Want To Escape Into An Old School World Of Glamour

Find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW!

Find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW!

London Fashion Week has passed by in a blur of colour, glittery hair, pointy heels and old school glamour.  It feels a bit like a mixture of the 1930’s combined with the early 1980’s.  As in both of those periods,  the world is uncertain and scary at the moment, the news is full of terror, war and financial meltdown.  So where better to escape into a fairytale fantasy world full of wonder and pretty shiny things.  If you can’t make the world look better, then concentrate on making the micro world around you look and feel better.  Even stilettos are back for goodness sake!

These are some of my favourite things:

I may be buying this for my birthday party next month

The Alexander McQueen world was  a sumptious, joyous, gorgeous place to be.

I particularly loved the jewelled hair adornments.

Christopher Kane even put wings on our feet, strictly car to bar!

I rather like these too, strappy and a bit chunky

For me this picture from Mary Katranzou sums up the wonderful exuberance and explosion of colour for LFW 2016

And who wouldn’t want one of Victoria Beckham’s stylish and colourful collection. I know I do!

So to look the best you can this season, you will be needing to have a regular pedicure to keep your feet in tiptop condition.  Regular massages to help your back deal with the stresses on your body caused by regular heel wearing and facials to keep your skin crystal clear and glowing.  These sumptuous looks work better with stripped back make up, eyes or lips not both!  Also get your hair dressed properly for special occasions.





You can book them all with TreatNOW the only last minute service dedicated to luxury.


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