TreatNOW Trends: Strobing

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You might have noticed that whilst 2014 was the year of the lips as far as beauty trends are concerned (mainly inspired by one Kardashian sister), 2015 has certainly been the year of the complexion. For the first half of the year the word ‘contouring’ spread like wildfire and we couldn’t get enough of it. However, in the desire to achieve the perfectly chiseled looking face a new technique has come to the fore, strobing.

Unlike contouring which adds lowlights into your face, often underneath your foundation and into the parts of your face with the most depth, namely the cheeks. Strobing instead focuses on accentuating the more prominent areas of the face in order to give that glowing and perfected look to the complexion. The idea is to apply a reflective sheen to the areas where the sun would naturally hit your face such as the height of your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. You can do this from the beginning of your beauty regime by applying emollient moisturizers and reflective serums to that area. Once you have applied your makeup base on top of this you can then add in the real strobing powers of a highlighting powder or cream across your cheekbones.


Image via Flickr

The idea of strobing is that it is less heavy than contouring but acts in the same way by drawing the eyes attention the height of your cheekbones, giving the face more definition and a healthy glow. This is part of the reason that the practice has gained prominence in the summertime as it is less intensive for the warmer weather but has the same effect. As it is now autumn you can still use this technique into the winter months for a fresh look that will see you right into the Christmas party season.

When contouring you have to ensure that you use the right type of product for your skin tone, if you are pale skinned you need to use products that have a pink undertone or are iridescent as to complement your natural hue. If you are olive skinned then you should focus on products that contain golden tones as these are the natural colours that will be radiated from your skin in the sunlight, which is the look that you are trying to achieve by using this technique. For those if you with a darker complexion then using highlighters that have burgundy undercurrents is going to be the best for you as these will blend beautifully into your more matte base tones. Whatever your skin tone you need to ensure that you steer clear of using products that contain glitter as these will attract attention to your face in the wrong way! The aim of strobing is to look natural but in the most glamorous way possible of course.


Image via Flickr

One option is to have strobing done yourself but if you want to leave the practice in the hands of a professional then you can head to a salon to have your makeup done. If you request the strobing technique to any makeup artist worth their salt, they will know what you are talking about as this is tried and tested way of achieving a glam summer glow. You can head to the celebrity loved and London Fashion Week attendees RYS Hair and Beauty in Knightsbridge for your makeup fix. Or if you are based more centrally then Cucumba in Poland Street will be sure to offer strobing in their Deluxe Make up package. However, for a day makeup look with a more subtle approach to strobing then head to Allure in Hammersmith.




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