Terrence the Teacher: Hypnotherapist To The Stars – And Now YOU!

Find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW!

Find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW!

This is a very special story about a very special man who has overcome astonishing adversity in his life and uses the techniques he has learned to help others.

Terrence the TeacherTerrence the Teacher is now a world renowned hypnotherapist and, famously, counts big names in fashion such as Christian Louboutin, Roland Mouret and Amanda Wakely amongst his circle. He gets flown around the world to Mustique and Monte Carlo and lives an enviable lifestyle.

He has also released a suite of popular apps. The TrainTrip Apps. More of these later.

It hasn’t always been like this! Terrence wasn’t born into this world – quite the opposite. He’s got here with an unwavering dedication to want to improve his own and then other people’s lives. Here’s his story:

IMG_3799You had a traumatic start to you life. Tell us about your early years?
I was born in South Africa to Helena and Johannes. When I was about 2 months old, my father stabbed my mother to death, I was in her arms. The report from the baby sanctuary said she had been trying to save me. I grew up in that baby sanctuary and was cared for by nuns. At age two, I was moved from the sanctuary to an orphanage.

IMG_3800Then I went through a few foster homes. When I was seven, my father was released from prison and came to visit me. I was home alone and answered the door – he told me to pack a bag and he’d collect me the next day to take me on a train journey. Father and son should be together. I emptied my piggy bank to give him the money he asked for and gave him some of my foster father’s clothes. He told me to keep it a secret, so I did. I was waiting by the door all packed early the next morning but I never saw him again. I never told my foster parents and got into a lot of trouble for the missing money and clothes.

Then at aged eight, I was adopted by the Barnardt family. It was pretty bleak, I was the skivvy. I did all the housework, the ironing, the washing and was constantly reminded I was the son of a murderer. I managed to leave home at 16 and started working to support myself. I tried all sorts of things – I even worked in a bank. Then I became a sales person for a chain of gyms and that’s when my life really began.

IMG_3801How did your professional career begin?
I loved being in the environment of a top health club and I fell in love with exercise. Before long decided to study for a Personal Trainers Diploma through Reebok. I hugely enjoyed helping people to reconnect physically and change their physique with core training principles.

Did you have role models or mentors that you could look up to?
s__254_1396602137_reg_park4I finally found a male role model I could look up to. I was lucky enough to meet Reg Park, an ex-Mr. Universe, who took me under his wing. He was an amazing man with a generous spirit and showed me how healthy living and a healthy body could be a lifestyle.

Reg Parks had a humble start in Leeds and became one of the most famous body builders of his day. He also appeared in a series of films playing Hercules. More about his life here.

How did you move to London and become a hypnotherapist?
I came to London for a holiday – by now I was a certified Pilates instructor. I was offered a job here and stayed! That was 16 years ago. Even as a personal trainer I had always looked at my client’s lives as a whole. I was fascinated in how language can change how you think and feel for the better. I completed an NLP course (Neurolinguistics Programming) which really helped bring it all together. I was sitting on the number 22 night bus and a piece of paper advertising a course to train as a hypnotherapist caught my eye. It seemed to be the logical next step.

What inspires you now?
I am inspired by people who change their lives for the better against all odds, irrespective of age, disabilities or background.

You’ve had years of self-improvement and training. Has it helped you overcome the pain of your past and form loving relationships?
As for my own pain, as with my apps, I believe we are on this trip (I call it “the train trip” of life). It is ongoing and fluid. I might be stronger, but some things will always stay with me. That is okay as long as they don’t hold me back. I have many great friends. I am not against relationships, but at the moment my work is my focus.

Can hypnotherapy really help you forgive and forget? How long can the healing process be?
Clinical hypnotherapy is a powerful tool. I have seen people change their lives after dealing with the core issues buried in their subconscious. We all change at our own pace. Sometimes the healing can continue months, if not years, after people have started seeing me.

I personally admire the fact that you refuse to be seen as a victim and be defined by your traumatic childhood – where do you think this steely determination comes from?
My determination to be a survivor and give back to this world was borne out of wanting my mother’s death not to be for nothing. I can’t change what my father did, I can’t bring my mother back to life, but with my training I can change how I deal with what happened. Someone died because of me, so there has to be a bigger reason for me to be here.

Can you hypnotise yourself?
Self-hypnosis is possible. After my heart attacks the only thing that made me relax was self-hypnosis. I often use it for confidence building and goal setting.

You have some famous clients in the fashion world, Roland Mouret said in the ES Magazine you were one of his extravagances, Amanda Wakely is a fan and Christian Louboutin even created a designer trainer for you and named it after you. How did that come about?

IMG_3802I am a very down to earth person. I was simply in the right place at the right time. A friend of a friend recommended me, then another, then another and then they become my friends and so it goes on. The famous clients are just clients like any other. They are people like you and I, with similar hopes and insecurities. You help somebody change their life and they want to tell their friends. I’m just pleased I can help.

You are an expert in Pilates, NLP and hypnotherapy. What is the process when you first start working with someone?
I deal with every client differently. The presenting issue determine what tools I use. Pilates and hypnosis are both about breathing and focus, I use a combination of my training to help the mind and the body work together in unison. See it, believe it and you will achieve it. You just need to really want to change deep within yourself.

IMG_3804Yet you also developed a range of very affordable apps; The Train Trip Series, so you could help more people whatever their budget. Why is that important to you?
Seeing people one on one comes at a premium. The apps make it possible for anyone to have access to hypnosis and what it offers. Healing should be for everyone, not just for those that can afford it. As you know, we live in a time where apps have become the lifeblood of businesses – tools that people have access to, anywhere, anytime. The app series is called Tranceform 3T and help people with relaxation, ego-strengthening and confidence. There’s also apps for weightloss and sleep.  They are available on the App Store and Google Play.  There’s more details here.

You overcame two heart attacks recently, what’s next for Terrence the Teacher?
LogoA few years ago I started getting panic attacks and then, one night after having dinner with a friend, I felt very odd. I went to A&E and passed out. When I woke up, they told me I’d been dead for 20 minutes and had had two heart attacks. The cause genetic… another legacy from my father. After my heart attacks, I realised my own health and physical wellbeing is very important. I will be looking after myself much more from now on. I now have a London treatment room, so I don’t have to travel so much and I have many plans. Watch this space!

Why is TreatNOW right for you?
TreatNOW helps to make it easier to connect me to a wide range of clients who decide the time is right to take action. Whether it be losing weight, giving up smoking or building confidence. Although I get very booked up in advance, sometimes peoples schedules change and I suddenly have an opening, how fantastic if I could help someone start to change their life for the better.

I’m very pleased to have met Terrence and I’m really enjoying his TrainTrip apps. My thanks to him for sharing his inspiring story with us. I don’t know about you, but suddenly life seems full of possibilities. 

TreatNOW is a great resource for busy people living busy lives. Perfect for London Fashion Week! If you need a last minute health and beauty appointment you can find and book, who’s near, who’s good and who’s available NOW!

Here’s some testimonials from his grateful clients:
“Terence, since I first met him, has had a strong impact on me. His way to make you work, his way to understand and listen to his clients, to people in général, warms you, carries you; and all of these strong qualities that are upfront in Terence’s personality give him this benefic attitude that he brings on people. On this, Terence for me represents the idea/ideal Teacher in many ways. I am really happy that he extends his practices now in various domaines because he is capable of soooo much.
And always was!”

Christian Louboutin

“Terrence the Teacher has a wonderful holistic, caring and bespoke approach to his clients. With his expert knowledge and in depth understanding of the mind-body connection he has raised my level of fitness which is critical when performing complex surgery so that I can concentrate on the task at hand. He is warm and intuitive, identifying the areas that need to be worked on. I so appreciate his friendly approach, his eye for detail and his tailoring of each session to achieve maximum benefit.”

Neil Bulstrode
(Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon)


“When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Terrence the Teacher has an extraordinary talent for knowing just how to guide each client to their destination – be it with empathy, understanding, knowing or supporting. His method is based on sound training and he has helped dozens of my clients to change their perspective with outstanding results.”

Vicki Edgson
Honestly Healthy)

“Terrence came into my life at a very low point – a time that I really needed to sort some stuff out. His ability to get to the heart of the problem almost immediately is extraordinary. I am a different person today to the one I was prior to meeting Terrence – in a good way! Amongst many things, he taught me how to breathe. Before Terrence, I didn’t really breathe.”

Tom Konig-Oppenheimer

“I have worked with Terrence for many years now. His tireless energy and deep understanding of human vulnerability have been a light for me on my life journey. Above all, Terrence has taught me to be gentle on myself and to appreciate each moment for what it has to offer.”

Jonty Hurwitz

Advance bookings can be made directly on Terrence’s website: www.terrencetheteacher.com

blog-signature-2TreatNOW is the new way to book last minute health and beauty appointments with fantastic people.  Everyone has been recommended by someone known to me, I want to make your lives easier and help you to look and feel nicer – inside and out! Simply open www.treatnow.co on your mobile phone and save it to your home screen. It works just like an app. Here’s more of my story here.

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