TreatNOW Interview: Natural Colour Works In Soho

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Here at TreatNOW we love hair, health and wellbeing in equal measure and so when a salon combines all three of those things, we know we are on to a winner. Natural Colour Works – formerly Jigami Hairdressing – in Soho specialises in providing natural solutions to permanent hair colour and have been bringing their expertise to London for the past 11 years. TreatNOW caught up with Bradley of Natural Colour Works to find out a bit more about the salon, the pioneering methods that they use and what makes them so special. 

How did Natural Colour Works begin? What inspired this career choice for you?

Natural Colour Works is the rebranded name of Jigami Hairdressing which began 11 years ago. The whole ethos and concept of the salon really came from the fact that we saw a need for a more gentle colouring system in the market. We wanted to be able to provide clients with something less aggressive and to respond to the growing need for natural approaches to hair and beauty treatments. Lots of people are allergic or react adversely to traditional, permanent hair colouring and an alternative needed to be developed. I had been in hairdressing for a long time at the start of the salon and I was inspired to start in the industry by a family friend who was a hairdresser.


Which is your personal favourite treatment to give?

Personally, I love to do colour correction treatments where someone has had a dye job go wrong and they need help to achieve the colour that they want. It is a challenging treatment but when you get it right you are bound to have a client for life. Especially as the natural hair colour can actually fix issues with permanent hair dye, despite the formula being so gentle.

What is your most popular treatment at the moment? 

Our H2O Water Colour treatment is what 60-70% of our client go for, it is our signature colouring service for sure. It is permanent without using ammonia or peroxide and is only offered by us, you cannot get a non-peroxide hair treatment anywhere else in the world. The H2O treatment lasts about an hour and a half altogether, with it taking one hour for the colour to take to the hair. We also offer other natural treatment such as Soya Hair Colour and our Seaweed Lightener.


Can you tell us a bit more about Natural Hair Colouring for those who might be unfamiliar with the practice?

Natural hair colouring has been around for a while but our professional approach to the practice and our signature treatments have been specially developed over an 8 year period. Rather than being limited by certain natural pigments, we have developed our range and skills so that we can offer client any cosmetic colour that they want. Natural hair colouring takes longer than traditional, permanent dye but the results are just as bright, light and long lasting.

How do you make your service special for each client?

No two heads are the same, no two people are the same and so no two heads of hair and their colouring needs will be the same. That is why we offer free consultations to our clients prior to any treatment. We are also open until 9pm three nights per week in order to cater to people’s time restrictions and of course we offer tea and coffee as standard when clients pop in for their treatment. All of our staff are trained in the salon and you can decide if you want to be worked on by a senior stylist or a more junior member of the team, but rest assured they are all trained to the highest Natural Colour Works standard.


In your opinion, what is the selling point of your brand? What makes you different from other salons?

Well there is no other non-peroxide hair colour treatment in the world like ours… I would that makes us stand out!

How do you make sure that your customers find you?

Our clients find us through personal recommendations from our existing client base and then due to the specialist nature of the services that we offer people tend to find us online and then book in for a consultation.

What does the future hold for Natural Colour Works?

We have just moved location to Soho and rebranded which has been enough to keep us busy for now… we also have an article coming out in The Times very soon. And, of course, we are always developing our services and colour range.

Finally, if a new business/practice was setting up, what’s the best piece of advice you could give them from your own personal experience?

What ever you think your start up costs are, double them.



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