TreatNOW Treatment of The Week: Thermal Scissors

One of the most basic things we are taught about haircuts, from when we get our first one, is that you should have them done every six weeks or so and that there are two types, wet and dry. A dry cut is best for curly hair and for seeing the hairstyle take shape before your eyes, whereas most of us go for a wet cut purely for the full salon experience and styling afterwards. Well now there is a third kind of haircut, the thermal scissors treatment and according to stylists and celebrities (such as Cheryl Fernandez) it knocks the other two right out of the water. The thermal scissors haircut is said to provide a longer lasting and better looking haircut than any other style, so why is that and what exactly do we mean by thermal scissors?


The thermal scissors treatment is exactly what the name suggests, the scissors that are used to cut the hair have heated blades and much like hair straighteners they are set to a certain temperature and then applied to dry hair. The blades are heated to a different temperature depending on the hair’s thickness. Coarse hair needs much hotter blades than finer hair in order to achieve the same results; your thermal hairstylist will adjust the blades accordingly. Apart from the implements used the haircuts is much the same as any other haircut and you will not feel like your hair is suddenly on fire. Just as you feel a little heat from your hair straightened you will only feel a little heat from these blades. The result of the thermal scissors treatment is that you will be left will fuller and healthier looking ends that potentially won’t need cutting for another 12 weeks!


So what is the reasoning behind the heated blades? Well, even though we have always been told that heat is damaging to the hair, when it is used in this way, it is actually beneficial instead. When the blades cut the hair, the heat seals the end cuticle rather than leaving it exposed as with normal scissors. This means that moisture is left inside the hair strand and there is less chance of it splitting as it grows. The sealed cuticle is protected from the outside elements and so will appear more volumous and healthy for longer. Hair that has had the thermal scissor treatment tends to look fuller, bouncier and glossier and has a lot less damage then those who have had a traditional wet cut. If you have regular thermal cuts then your hair will need less maintenance and will only need cutting every 12 weeks or so which for many avid salon goers will be a worthwhile investment.


Due to the specialist nature of the equipment needed to actually do the treatment, thermal scissors are only offered at a select number of salons nationwide. Luckily quite a few of those salons are in London! You can head to RYS in Knightsbridge for the treatment, which is offered by their director Stylist Yilmaz. You will undoubtedly be given the star treatment and results there. Neville Hair and Beauty in Belgravia offers the treatment for men also who might also want to reap the same benefits of a thermal haircut. For a cutting edge style in addition to a thermal scissors treatment then you need to head to the inventive styling team at WS Studio. They will be sure to match your damage repair with the need for a creative new do!



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