TreatNOW Treatment of the Week: Acupuncture

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When it comes to health and wellbeing therapies, not one culture has quite got the monopoly on trusted techniques as Chinese medicine. They have a number of techniques that have not only stood the test of time but also developed into and influenced more modern techniques. One such therapy that has really remained prominent in the world of wellbeing is acupuncture. A practice that has many uses from treating stress to aiding fertility, perhaps why it has remained popular for so long. So, what exactly is acupuncture and what is the impact of the therapy on the body?


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Acupuncture is a very simple technique but must always be carried out by a qualified practitioner due to the delicate nature of the work. The process for the treatment is where fine needles are placed under the skin’s first few layers and then left there whilst the client reposes and relaxes. The needles can be placed all over the body which is is the typical way the treatment is designed, alternatively the needles can be localised in one area if there is a specific part of the body that needs the most attention. Although the treatment sounds painful – not many among us are the biggest fans of needles – it should not hurt at all as the needles are very fine and not placed too deeply into the skin. You may feel dizzy after the treatment but this is a feeling that will only last for a short period of time.


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The practice of Acupuncture derives from the Chinese belief in the force ‘Qi’ and that it resides in certain channels in the body, if those channels are blocked then this can cause different ailments. In more medical terms the treatment of acupuncture actively stimulates nerve endings under the skin which makes the body produce pain fighting substances that can be beneficial to improving one’s health. The treatment is used to help a variety of illnesses and health complaints and despite its spiritual origins, it is actually a medically recommended treatment even offered on the NHS on occasion. It can be used to help treat infertility, back pain, asthma, anxiety and even long term conditions such as osteoarthritis. Additionally, many still believe in the power of its ability to improve feelings of overall wellbeing and will use it for that sole purpose.


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If you are looking for a specialty  acupuncture therapist you can get in touch with the people at The London Acupuncture Clinic. They have treatment centres in the West London area and one located more centrally. Alternatively you could visit The Clinic @ Southbank who also offer other Chinese and Japanese traditional treatments. However if you are in desperate need of a treatment right now then why not try and book some acupuncture through TreatNOW? Unlike some other last minute booking websites, TreatNow is as much about health and wellbeing as it is about hair and beauty and because of that we have some great partners that can offer a wide range of treatments, acupuncture being one of them! If you want to see how acupuncture can fit into a wider wellbeing plan and work to improve your health then you need to book an appointment – through TreatNOW – with naturopathic therapist Katie Ruane. You can read more about Katie’s work and the practice of Naturopathy in our TreatNow interview with her here.



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