Healing and Mysticism. What Does It Mean? We Ask A Healer

Find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW!

Find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW!

Spiritual Healing tends to invoke strong emotions of both sides. People who embrace it are very passionate about it and the detractors are also very vocal. TreatNOW leaves it up to you to make your own mind up.

Here is the first in our series to investigate some of the different types of therapies available on TreatNOW. Sometimes we need to heal our minds as well as our bodies. We begin with Cristina from Healing and Mysticism.

CristinaP Profile pictureTell us about what you do.

I am a metaphysician, self-development lecturer and intuitive healer. I try to help people see the big picture of life by understanding the Source of all life and the nature of consciousness. I work to help them understand their own lives and their purpose so that they can tap into their full potential. I awaken them to the truth that there is more to life than they thought there is.

What is your story, how did you come to choose these disciplines?

I was born highly sensitive to energy; or extrasensory, as they call it. I could hear, see and feel things that other people could not. I have learned during my childhood that I have to suppress it, in order to fit in society and not make people feel uncomfortable. They all told me I had a wide imagination. I couldn’t understand, at that time, half of the things I was feeling and experiencing, so I was just ignoring them. I always had a fascination for the occult and used to love talking to spirits, but I had to keep it all to myself. I was quite a lonely child and used to spend most of the time observing the seen world and the “unseen world”.

Healing and Mysticism CristinaI had a few very troubled years, I lost my Grandmother during my teens and was very affected by this. My mum suggested I do yoga. My experiences after starting yoga were unbelievable. I realised I could feel energy around my body and I could also see it in everything and could scan people’s auras. I started to research more on energy, healing, chakras, human spirits, etc.

There followed a traumatic period in my life, I became close to someone who drained all of my energy and it took a while before I realised I had to break free from that attachment. I moved to France shortly after and began a hospitality course – a new life. However I still felt unwell and became very ill; four lots of antibiotics could not cure me. It so happened that I had met an energetic healer in the South of France who recognized the abilities I had before anyone else. I still see him as my mentor. He told me what was wrong energetically and healed me right away, from the distance. Right after, my health problems stopped. I realised there was more to life and wanted to find a way to live with my spirituality in a positive way and to help other people as well.

Healing and MysticismFinally embracing my spiritual path has put me in the right places with the right people. I have left France and the hospitality industry and moved to London to start pursuing my true passions. I started holding small meetings and workshops. The feedback was great and I felt encouraged to continue. I began my healing practice as well and a whole new journey started. Today, I can say I feel awakened to my true Self. Life is a never-ending process of Self-discovery through experiences.

For me, what I teach now and the understanding I have come to live by, is the fabric of reality. It was always there and always will be.

What do you love most about your job?

The many variations it can have. As I workHealing and Mysticism with consciousness and consciousness is all there is, it can take many shapes, forms and meanings. Even in healing practices, there are so many different ways, using the same energy! It is fascinating.

How can you tell if someone is genuine? What training or qualifications do they need to take?

If I were picking a healer or mentor today, I wouldn’t search for certificates, as that is merely proof that they are aware of an aspect of it. My mentor from the South of France is self-taught and is one of the most amazing healers and conscious individuals I have come across. You need to rely on recommendations and trust your instincts.

For people who are sceptical, can you describe why they should try it?

Healing and MysticismI love sceptics, my dad used to be one of them until I healer his back pain. I was sceptical as well, as this is how I was taught I should be, regardless of the truth I was feeling inside myself. I have plenty of testimonials from my clients who continue to work with me because I have improved their lives.

Quantum physics is actually making big steps towards explaining these phenomena, but if we can’t yet piece all the puzzle together, it doesn’t mean we have to reject the possibility. There is a world of possibilities, so why not be open to it? If everyone says they know what there is to know about the world, there would be no progress.

Tell us about your event

Healing and MysticismThe event I will be holding on the 6th of September is called The Flower of Life Transformational Seminar – Understanding and Creating Reality. It is a seminar that is meant to answer questions people might have about life, spirituality and the Universe.

I will be explaining sacred symbols known by the ancient mystery schools and what these schools were teaching about. I will then move on to explaining individual consciousness, the layers of the aura and their importance. And, everyone’s favourite…. you will learn the secret behind “The Secret” — how manifestation actually works!

Healing and MysticismSo just as Morpheus told Neo in the movie Matrix:

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Are you ready to take the red pill with me?  Book here



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