Hair Trends 2015: Bronde vs Blonde

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If the overcast weather outside doesn’t give you a good enough indication that summer is almost over then all you have to do is look in the mirror. At this time of year the bright blondes of sun kissed holidays, the hair colour that looked so good next to your natural tan is now starting to feel a little out of place. Many of us who go lighter in the summer tend to revert back to our darker roots as soon as the weather turns or we at least try to tone it down as best we can. Is there no better alternative than walking into your salon as saying “Back to brunette now please”? Well thankfully there is! This autumn, the hair colour of the moment, falls somewhere between blonde and brunette and as such has been dubbed by those in the industry as ‘Bronde’. So what exactly is Bronde hair and does it look as unnatural as it feels to pronounce?


You might have heard of the hair dyeing process balayage, well Bronde hair colouring is its close cousin and if you had balayage in the summer you might already be working the Bronde look without realising it. Bronde hair is achieved by taking brunette locks, usually an ashy or light tone, and then adding in light blonde balayage throughout the mid to end lengths of the hair. You can read our full blog post about balayage here if you need to familiarize yourself with the technique. The result of this is hair that looks a natural hue between blonde and brunette, almost as if you have been sat out on a sultry summer afternoon and had your hair dappled with light. So long as you are a natural ashy brunette, this technique is sure to look very natural especially as no foils are used. It is all done free hand to ensure that everything is blended to perfection.


The emergence of the Bronde style is perhaps in part due to the prominence of the natural beauty movement and the desire to look groomed without looking overly made up. This style of hair colour will see you through the school run, the boardroom and at the bar on a Friday night! Bronde has also become popular in part due to the celebrities that have been advocating it and making us all yearn for gorgeous autumnal looking tresses. The beauty and wellbeing icon of the moment Blake Lively is one such celebrity, posting picture of her newly dyed hair onto Instagram with a flurry of compliments and Bronde queries in return.



So where can you get your Bronde fix? Well you can head to Andrew Jose of Charlotte Street and you can choose to have a balayage treatment with either a stylist, senior stylist or a director depending on the complexity of your colour needs. You can have a full consultation before your appointment to figure out the best way for you to achieve the Bronde look. If a more natural approach to hair colouring is more your style then you will need to book a consultation with Natural Colour Works in Soho. This salon has specially developed 100 different organic hair colours over 25 years so that you can achieve the look that you want, including Bronde! If you are the type of person who wants to try the up and coming then you should stop by CA Underground, a new boutique hair salon in the King’s Cross area. They offer balayage in addition to some complimentary drinks while you get your treatment!



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