TreatNOW’s Treatment of the Week: Scalp Treatments

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A lot of thought goes into making our hair look good. Whether it’s cutting, conditioning or moisturising we pride ourselves on keeping our locks in tiptop condition.. but do we give our scalp the same attention? This large and important area of skin is often forgotten. Our hair routines consist of applying heat and numerous products on a daily basis and this can leave our scalp just as damaged as our hair, especially as the skin on our scalp is so delicate. If you’re trying hard to get perfect hair and it just isn’t working, it may well be because of your untreated scalp. After all, the secret to healthy hair is a healthy scalp.


What is involved in a scalp treatment largely depends on the type that you choose to go for and then the specific treatment offered at different salons. Scalp treatments are designed around scalps which are prone to be oily or scalps that are prone to be dry. If you opt for a scalp treatment for dry skin then this will most probably consist of a cream based conditioner and may include a hot oil treatment. A scalp treatment designed for oily scalps will most likely contain medicated elements to reduce skin cell regeneration and fungi. A popular ingredient in a scalp treatment for oily scalps is salicylic acid, which is most commonly found in skincare products for cleaning oily and spot prone skin.


Scalp treatments are beneficial to those that use a lot of heat, product and dye on their hair because, as mentioned earlier, these dry out the scalp just as they dry out the hair. A dry scalp will make hair dull and lifeless even if the hair itself isn’t in bad condition. What’s more, a scalp treatment will unclog hair follicles, which allows for natural conditioning oils to be released. This means that the benefits last for longer than the immediate effects of the products used in the treatment and your hair will be better prepared for dealing with future harm. A scalp treatment should also be considered by anyone that experiences flaking, itching or redness on their scalp. In this case, a deeply moisturising treatment will relieve the skin and prevent irritation. In the same sense, those with an excessively oily scalp can opt for a treatment, which helps to reduce the amount of excess oils that cause greasy hair. Scalp treatments can also be tailored to treat more severe skin conditions such as scalp psoriasis and eczema. An additional benefit to scalp treatment is the massage element involved. This will not only work the product into the skin but stimulate blood circulation so nutrients reach the scalp and release hormones that will put you in a good mood.


We strongly advise discussing your desired treatment with your salon before booking your appointment in order to find the scalp treatment best suited to your needs. Jonning & Riashi offer a range of hair conditioning and scalp treatment including their ritual, express and deluxe options at their urban Goodge Street studio. On the treatment list at CV Hair Beauty in Bloomsbury is a nioxin derma renew treatment which the salon describes as a ‘facial for the ‘scalp’. The treatment focuses on skin surface regeneration through exfoliation for thicker fuller and stronger hair. If you have more severe scalp irritation then it may be best to consult a clinic rather than a salon and talk to a trichology (the study of the hair and scalp) specialist. The Private Clinic of Harley Street will cater a bespoke service for you depending on your scalp needs.

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