TreatNOW Interview: Nadia of Jonning and Riashi

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We all know that maintaining our beauty and hair regime can be a 24 hour job, well now there are salons out there like Jönning and Riashi that actually stay open round the clock to keep up with your needs. We caught up with Nadia of Jönning and Riashi to find out more about the salon and their innovative approach to haircare.

How did Jönning and Riashi begin?

Steven and I started the salon together two years ago, we wanted to create an urban studio that offered a bespoke hairdressing service in a relaxed and informal setting. The salon is actually set in a converted motorbike garage which we like to think is quite cool, we call it a ‘hair pit stop’! We have done t out to combine our Swedish interior influences with a more laid back vibe. We want it to be somewhere people can come to relax after all.

 What is the salon’s ethos and what inspired it?

Just as we fell into running the salon together, the way we run it, our ethos, was a natural development too. We like to offer a very personal service to our clients and we use our years of experience, mine from Sweden and Steven’s from Australia (he’s been in London for 12 years now) to provide quality treatments too. We don’t have any opening or closing hours as we like to fit in and around our client’s lifestyle and we really want to get to know them not like when you are at a big company. It sounds like it might be hard to manage but it really works quite well. Clients can call or email us to schedule their appointments and now of course they can use TreatNOW!


What is your most popular treatment at the moment? 

Right now we are seeing a lot of Balayage and ombre being wanted in the salon which we are more than happy to cater too. We do a lot of colour work and are constantly updating our training with L’Oreal colour courses and we also use Shu Uemura products a great deal. Another trend that has been emerging is also the concept of ‘Bronde’ and being able to have the best of both blonde and brown colourings.

How do you make your service special for each client?

We always offer a free consultation, where the client can come in and have a chat with us and have a colour test done to see if they are suitable for the treatment that they have chosen.  Often they show us pictures of what it is that they want and we absolutely love that! It gives us a great sense of direction and a better idea of the vision that the client has for their look. Very often in a salon if something goes wrong it is because people don’t have a picture or a good mental image to refer to, so we like to encourage people to bring them in.

Which is your personal favourite treatment to give?

For me I love to colour blondes and Balayage. The blonde, ashy look is a personal favourite of mine, partly because of the sheer love for the colour but also because that is where my training is and where I feel the most comfortable. That being said colouring in general is a personal favourite when it comes to the treatments that we offer, working on different types of hair is great but if they happen to be an ashy blonde that is an added bonus.

press1In your opinion, what is the selling point of your brand? What makes you different from other salons?

I think we are largely shaped and defined by the freedom that we give to our clients and that they clearly respond to that method of having no prescribed opening and closing hours. We like to keep up to date with the latest in the colouring services, really engage with the hairstyle and how it’s built and create colour that suits it. Also I think clients like the whole aesthetic side to the salon and they definitely show us their gratitude by passing on referrals in the form of their friends!

How do you make sure that your customers find you?

Well we get most of our clients through word of mouth but in terms of getting the brand out there press releases have worked really well. We have been in Tatler twice, Cosmopolitan once and on different blogs over the past two years. The website of course is great for telling people about the brand ad we have our social media too. We have also been doing a lot of events and shoot recently, like Vivienne Westwood, doing hair at X factor in January, plus lots of bridal work.

If a new salon was setting up, what’s the best piece of advice you could give them from your own personal experience? 

If you were to open up your own salon, trust  yourself and never give up. I moved to London 4 and half years ago and if I can do it… you need to believe yourself.



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