TreatNOW’s Treatment of the Week: The Gold Facial

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Diamonds are supposedly a girl’s best friend, but it is gold that is rocking the beauty world. If you’re hoping to rejuvenate your skin and leave it feeling tighter and brighter then you may be interested in this trend. The gold facial is the latest skincare craze to be taking over London salons. In Hollywood, however, this is nothing knew. The A-list likes of Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman have all taken inspiration from ancient Ayurvedic medicine and Cleopatra, who supposedly slept in a gold mask every night, and have been relying on gold facials to keep their skin looking young, fresh and radiant. So what is involved?


The once ancient gold facial was revolutionised in 2006 by the Japanese firm Umo who developed a 24-carat gold facial and earned it a place in some of the most exclusive salons across the world. The completely natural facial involves three different steps that incorporate the ingredients of Gamma PGA (similar to collagen) and Nano Mist in addition to gold sheets. The process of the gold facial involves firstly massaging the Gamma PGA into the skin. This penetrates the pores and leaves the skin moisturised and hydrated. The Nano Mist is then applied to soften the skin and prepare it so that moisture can be absorbed more easily. The pure 24-carat gold sheets are then placed over the whole face and another layer of Nano Mist is applied. Finally, the gold is massaged into the face and all its goodness is quickly absorbed.


The gold facial may have been a sign of wealth and power in history but having become more and more widely known, the benefits of using gold on your face seem to be undeniable and they have hence become accessible to everyone. Reviewers of the gold facial are raving about the illuminating effects that it has on their skin. A gold facial can firm and brighten your skin and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. What’s more, the facial actually strengthens elastin in the skin meaning that it can actually help to prevent aging. Other advantages include the replenishing of skin cells at a faster rate than normal and the stimulation of blood circulation. The calming qualities of gold also mean that the facial is suitable for those with problem skin and has been said to significantly improve eczema. If that wasn’t enough, the benefits of the gold facial are not limited to skincare with the treatment being said to help drain lymph nodes and get rid of excess toxins.


For once being known as only a very exclusive and particular treatment, the gold facial is fast becoming a leading and acclaimed salon service. The exclusive UMO 24-carat gold facial is offered at 122 Knightsbridge where the team offer a high level of expertise and will work to make sure that you and your skin leave the treatment feeling energised. Nicky Salon in West Kensington offer the Nicky Salon 24-carat Gold Facial that is designed to improve your skin’s general health and promote firmness. Depicool in Liverpool Street also offers a 34-carat gold facial, which will regenerate healthy skin cells and leave you with tightened and radiant skin.

If you would like try more natural and hair and beauty treatment why not read our post on vegetable hair dye. To know more about high-end facials or if you fancy trying something different to the gold facial, the caviar facial also has numerous benefits.


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