TreatNOW Is LIVE… And You Didn’t Even Notice

DSC_4056How do you launch an app?

Well, the best answer I can give is – gradually.

Despite what you (and until recently I) might have thought, there isn’t a big, friendly button marked ‘Go Live’.

Well, actually, there is but it’s not a good idea to use it. Just yet.

Did you see the news about the Pluto probe? The countdown to the fly past? And then – nothing. One picture and that’s it.

But of course, behind the scenes, data is gradually coming in from millions of miles away. (Or Soho, in our case.)

So, our gallant band of Beta testers began to send out requests to our suppliers and waited to see what would happen.

Now, this is the clever bit.

Those request went out and were answered and bookings were made. But, to begin with at least, it was all virtual.

Image via The Guardian

Image via The Guardian

Our clever programmers created a virtual London where all works exactly as the real London. But when we get the inevitable little bugs, we’re not upsetting you the customers and vendors.

Cunning eh?

So when something doesn’t work as it should, our programmers look at the data. Then they do a little tweak here, a little change there.

And slowly, behind the scenes, things fall into place.

A few hours later and we’re getting nearer. The Beta testers – inevitably – find things we’d never even thought of. So we fix those and it’s getting close to the big friendly button time.

But even then, we’re careful. A few of our bravest suppliers go live. Just a few – to see what happens.

What happens is – it works. But not quite perfectly. Not yet.

So we tweak again. Now we’re getting somewhere. Just one or two more adjustments and…

We’re off. Just a couple of suppliers. Just a few Beta testers. But now it works and we can go live with more and more suppliers and more happy customers.

TreatNOW is Go! And you didn’t even notice.

And finally…

One person we have definitely noticed the presence of is Julian North and his company Zidmi who have been building the TreatNOW mobile site, we cannot thank them enough. Zidmi is a delightfully simple realtime booking platform enabling consumer brands to connect, book and transact seamlessly to beauty and wellness businesses.



TreatNOW is a new way to find and book really good last minute health, hair and beauty appointments - launching in London Spring 2015
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