TreatNOW Treatment of the Week: Vegetable Hair Dye

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

In a society that now eats organic food and uses organic skincare products, should we not consider organic hair colour? Previously, those who wanted to dye their hair faced the dilemma of using chemicals on their locks or remaining au-naturale. But now there is an answer in the form of the increasingly popular Vegetable Hair Dye. Vegetable Hair Dye is a safe and chemical-free solution to dying your hair that is becoming an increasingly prominent feature on the treatments list at most hair and beauty salons.


Vegetable Hair Dye is an alternative to the chemically produced synthetic hair dye that dominates treatments in salons and sales of home hair dye kits. This option is considered safer, kinder and healthier. In fact, Vegetable Hair Dye was around long before synthetic dye was with the Egyptians using it, along with whatever insects they could find, to tint their locks. Henna has also been used as a hair dye since 3400 BC. Essentially, Vegetable Hair Dye is taking us back to good old basics. Vegetable Hair Dye can come in form of leaf, fruit, flower, bark, stem and root but the leaf is most commonly used to produce the dye through the extraction of minerals. The dye coats the hair like a varnish but, unlike synthetic hair dyes, is not absorbed into the hair. As a result, Vegetable Hair Dye enhances your natural hair colour, produces highlights, creates a gloss and disguises greys.


The list of advantages to using Vegetable Hair Dye is extensive. Firstly, there is always a risk of having an allergic reaction to a synthetic dye due to the extensive number and range of chemicals that they contain. Synthetic hair dyes open the hair’s outer layer, which produces the shine in hair, and is then absorbed by the hair and even enters your bloodstream. This means that the effects of the chemicals in synthetic hair dye go beyond damage to the hair and the impact of these chemicals on our bodies has to be considered. For those who desire a more holistic approach to hair dying then Vegetable Hair Dye may well be your answer. Pregnant women or those in recovery may choose to avoid using synthetic dyes and opt for Vegetable Hair Dye which contains no ammonia or peroxide. The varnish-like coating of Vegetable Hair Dye also means that hair strands are thickened and the hair’s texture and bounce is consequently improved. Other advantages of Vegetable Hair Dye include the fact that it fades over time and makes regrowth look less obvious, and that it is available in a range of shades.


Image via George Vallossian


The increasing consciousness of what we are putting on our hair has seen a rise in the demand for Vegetable Hair Dye and as a result it has become a staple treatment option in many salons. A vegetable colour treatment is offered at the celebrity loved George Vallossian salon. The salon itself is a boutique haven located in Knightsbridge that prides itself on creating an exclusive but friendly atmosphere. A similar vegetable gloss colour is available at Turquoise Hairdressing & Beauty salon. Located in Fitzrovia, the salon offers a personal touch to their service along with a welcome discount and loyalty card available. Vegetable colour is also offered at FOUR London and to see an interview with the founders head to the TreatNOW blog. If the holistic approach is not for you then why not check our feature on balayage for a more conventional approach to hair lightening.

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