TreatNOW Treatment of the Week: Ear Candling

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here


There is a growing need for non-invasive but equally effective treatments in both the beauty and the health sectors and in order to experience these people have starting turning to traditional medicine. Ear Candling or Hopi Ear Candling as it is commonly known is a controversial but popular treatment that is used to help cure a variety of ailments as well as increasing a person’s feeling of wellbeing.


Ear Candling is said to be derived from traditional Hopi tribe medicinal practices, although many claim its origins are much more recent, there is a general agreement amongst the holistic community that ear candling is a treatment of great benefit to clients. The treatment itself involves inserting a cone shaped wax candle into the ear whilst the client is lying on their side; the cone is set alight and allowed to gently burn. What then happen is that warm smoke from the candle enters into the ear and helps to remove earwax and toxins, the burning of the candles also create a vacuum inside the ear so that the wax is pulled into the cone. The result is that when you remove the cone it will contain the removed earwax and toxins that you can then dispose of. There is a bit of controversy about the effectiveness of the practice in certain countries and although it is widely accepted and encouraged in Europe it is actually illegal in Canada.


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Ear Candling is used to help with a wide variety of ailments, mainly for the removal of excessive earwax that can be uncomfortable and often very painful to live with. It also helps with swimmers ear, headaches and the alleviation of excessive sinus pressure which can all be caused by build up and toxins. A more unusual area in which ear candling can help is to help soothe itchy ears that can be caused by yeast and bacteria. Ear Candling clears those out and can stop the itching long term if done correctly. In terms of non-medical benefits, ear candling is great for helping to rebalance the lymphatic system – similar to treatments such as lymphatic drainage massage – and giving an overall feeling of increased wellbeing. People do occasionally experience negative effects from Ear Candling and this is often because they do it alone and burn themselves or their hair. If you are interested in getting an ear candling treatment then please do so with the guidance of a trained professional.


Image Via Flickr

Image Via Flickr

Ear Candling is a staple for salons and establishments that provide holistic treatments and it is a very common treatment amongst male clients. You can often find the treatment listed as male specific despite it being available to all genders. Sole Beauty Salon’s 30-minute Hopi Ear Candling service is publicized as a male only treatment under their mobile beauty treatment section, so you can have the treatment from the comfort of your own home. Similarly, 122 Knightsbridge offers the treatment as a male holistic therapy and it is aimed at helping to improve wellbeing and take the pressure off people with busy lifestyles. For a more traditional and medicinal approach to the practice of Ear Candling then you can head over to the Be Health Chinese Medical Centre in Soho, who have almost 20 years worth of experience in the field, they will be sure to help with your specific ailment and potential consult with you on other holistic treatments that might be beneficial for you.

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