TreatNOW Interview: Silver Ray Healing Therapies

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

At TreatNOW we are not only looking to talk to the people at the forefront of the hair and beauty industry, but also those therapists that are working with clients to improve on their health and wellbeing. Pippa Moye of Silver Ray Healing Therapies is one such therapist and she helps her clients with a range of treatments from popular massage to energy healing and clairvoyance. TreatNOW stopped by to chat to Pippa about her career and the power of holistic healing.  

How did Silver Ray Healing Therapies begin? What inspired this career choice for you?

I started to do therapy in 2008 and started up Silver Ray in 2012 but before that I had a variety of jobs, even working as a fitness instructor at one time and prior to that I worked in homelessness so I have a background of listening to people’s problems and in health and wellbeing. What inspired the move into therapies however was the time when I personally worked myself to the point of burn out during my time in a highly stressful job and I really wasn’t getting the support from the NHS that I need to deal with the mental and psychical stress, so I turned to holistic health to get myself well. That’s where my healing journey began. I just had an urge to share with people what I had learnt so that people can get their lives back from depression, ill health and anxiety.

What is your most popular treatment at the moment?

Well I always start by sitting people down and figuring out what exactly it is that is going on, because they may book in for one treatment but that might not be what they actually need. I guide people to what I think will be the most effective rather that what it is they have asked for. Often energy work is the place to start as it gets people relaxed, Reiki or Sekhem, getting rid of the blockages and really starting to pick up on what is going on in the different chakras. I can start to draw out the issues and long held memories, the things that are holding people back and afterwards people often say that they feel lighter and have more clarity in their mind where the overwhelm has gone away and they can start to breathe again.

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Which is your personal favourite treatment to give?

I would have to say energy work as it is the easiest on the client, unlike other types of therapies they don’t have to relive any old traumas or have to explain it to someone. Reiki and Sekhem are both very relaxing and the clients often fall asleep on the couch during the treatment and afterwards say that they feel like that have had a power nap and that a burden has been lifted off. I love it because it is so gentle and yet so powerful, once the energies have been shifted people can start to deal with their issues and really notice change happening in their life around them. It’s an instant thing as well, people come in looking all scrunched up and stressed and go away feeling and looking much lighter and relaxed.

Can you tell us a bit more about different types of energy healing for those who might be unfamiliar with the practice?

Reiki is a set of techniques introduced in Japan in the 1800s and is derived from Buddhist practices based in mindfulness that have a tangible effect on the physical body. Then Sekhem is a similar practice but isn’t known so well over here as yet, it comes from Egyptian practices and overlaps with Reiki but it goes beyond it in some ways and is on a high vibration which means that it works faster and penetrates the energetic system more quickly so that it is more effective. It will bring about more obvious changes, even myself going through the attunement to become a practitioner I noticed quite rapid changes in my life. 

Do you find there is a difference between male and female clients in what they ask for and are open to in terms of alternative treatments?

Women are definitely more open to the intuitive methods, they don’t feel the need for a logical explanation and they are just quite happy to trust in what I am doing. Generally men seem to want something more tangible and logical, so for example women are more likely to ask for healing work and men more for Indian head massage because they can understand how it works. Although I have noticed that there is a bit of a cultural bias with that, Asian men are certainly more open to treatments as they have more of a spiritual background. But in general not only in holistic work, across the board of illnesses sorting out health issues men are not getting the help that they need. It seems that it is a sign of weakness to admit that they need help and the statistics are really shocking in terms of avoidable deaths. I hope that the work I am doing will really help me to do more for these people and bring in more male clients that I can help.

Photo by Theo Moye 26/07/13 Pippa Moye of Silver Ray Healing Therapies.

Photo by Theo Moye 26/07/13 Pippa Moye of Silver Ray Healing Therapies.

Why do clients keep coming back to Silver Ray?

Well I offer quite a range of therapies, inclucing Sekhem, that aren’t widely offered elsewhere. Also I guess the quality of the work that I do is special, I have a lot of testimonials on my website from clients that have said beautiful things about my work and I feel very gratified that I can help people in that way. I am always pushing myself to widen the scope of my work so I am constantly learning so that I can offer more. I am looking to achieve progress both for my clients and myself so that they can see tangible improvements in their lives.

What does the future hold for Silver Ray Healing?

Well from August I will be a qualified catalyst coach, which is essentially, a new type of psychology, it’s more empowering than traditional methods. Basically it is being open about the fact that no-one has a perfect life and that is powerful, the challenges are where you learn the most in your life and my work is helping to identify these lessons rather than dwelling on past mistakes. Catalyst coaching starts from the present and moves forwards. Also, I have started to do talks about wellness, which is something that I want to do more of. Finally, I am also looking to do meditation classes as I am actually a qualified meditation coach and it is a nice way to top up people in between sessions.

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