TreatNOW Interview: Nic Davis from Simplicity Remastered

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Nic Davis from Simplicity Remastered, is a London-based hairdresser and entrepreneur with unrivalled expertise in the art of hair dressing. What is most inspiring about him is his continued dedication to his craft, his business, his teaching and continued exploration of what is next. We caught up with Nic for a chat about his career and ambitions for the future.

Tell us about your career trajectory to date:

I started hairdressing when I was 13 in the mid 80s with ex Vidal Sassoon stylists, who inspired me to work as a part of this company. Eventually I joined in 1992 and worked my way up to assistant salon director. In 2005 I launched the London branch for Earth, which is the biggest hair company in Japan. In 2009 I found a great location in Fitzrovia and launched my own salon and academy, Simplicity Remastered.

Simplicity Remastered styles Merc’s 2011 Collection

Tell us about your hair salon and academy Simplicity Remastered:

‘Hair cutting and understanding’ comes from the idea that a) we need to understand the client and understand the type of hair dresser that we are to get the communication right first, and b) the ability and skill level to execute the right haircut. Over the last 40 or so years, this has been increasingly neglected in the industry due to constantly changing trends and the emphasis placed on the ‘salon experience’ rather than getting a great haircut. We are trying to strip this down and bring it back to it’s purest form, which is to have a deeper understanding of the form and function of hair. It’s about the customer looking good, not me. As for my academy, I have always taught throughout my career. The teaching process in hairdressing has always been there. Once you have reached the top in salon hairdressing, teaching is the next level. Passing on that information to others becomes more rewarding, and you get more feedback from your industry. Watching a student ‘get it’, and then seeing them build a clientele and become a hairdresser gives me a huge fulfillment.

You have branched out well beyond where you started as an assistant, where do you see your career and business heading over the next 5 years:

I enjoy being a small independent brand, but it’s tough in central London. Having a big brand such as Affinage support us has given us much more confidence, potential growth and support to grow over the next 5 years. I see myself focusing a little bit more on education, especially with the launch of my upcoming book ‘Haircutting and Understanding’.

Image via:

Image via:

Tell us a bit about your side projects?

I’m constantly thinking about new projects. I’m really passionate about social enterprise, gadgets, hair products and writing books and stories for children. I want to start a charity for supporting hairdressers in the industry, we do end up becoming pseudo-therapists to our clients and it can be hard for us to process on our end of the scissors. My main project that I am working on is getting my book finished ‘ Haircutting and Understanding’, and getting it published. It teaches you how to cut hair, and hair to ‘think’ about cutting hair in a simple form without stifling and creativity. My aim to is leave hairdressers with a fluidity and freedom to cut hair as they please, but to always reach a great haircut as the final outcome.

What advice do you wish you could have given yourself when you were first starting out?

I have had an amazing support network throughout my career so this is a tricky question to answer. ‘Keep good accounts’ from the start because later on in life it’s the biggest stumbling block you will hit when it comes to starting your own business. Always be honest with yourself and your customer, is something that I have learnt throughout my career. Most importantly, best the best by learning from the best.

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