Welcome to The TreatNOW West End Festival for Salon and Salon Lovers – today in Soho!

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Today is The TreatNOW West Urban Festival for Salons and Salon Lovers to celebrate the launch of TreatNOW. As soon as we’ve got a few more of you signed up we’ll be soft launching over the next couple of weeks.

Here’s a bit about me and why I set up TreatNOW and I’d like to thank all the wonderful people that made today possible. I hope you enjoy the demos, the talks, the art, the free burritos, the free cakes, free cocktails, Seraphim Kelly’s performance and dancing with Guilty Pleasures to raise money for a very good cause.

Most of all I hope you enjoy coming together to hang out, let’s do it more often!

Event Details here:



Sara Hill, TreatNOW

In July 2013, whilst working through yet another lunchtime at my desk in Soho, I had a crazy idea, I wanted to set up a health and beauty bookings service with a difference. I wanted to book super real time last minute health and beauty appointments with really good people. I didn’t want to phone around, I didn’t want to google, I just wanted to know who was free right NOW! I decided to abandon my 20 odd year career in TV and pursue my dream. 22 months later, after a rocket shaped learning curve, lots of burning the midnight oil and the help of many friends and I’m delighted to present it to you. I need your help and support to spread the word and I hope it will make your busy lives a bit easier. Please come and help me introduce TreatNOW to the world, bring your friends, but most importantly tell all your friends anyway and ask them to sign up to my newsletter at http://www.treatnow.co I’m recruiting an army of volunteer testers who want to be able to find last minute top quality salons and therapists.



Amaka, Love Thy Heels

I’m the founder of a fashion accessory company called Love Thy Heels that makes foldable cotton bags specially designed for carrying high heels. I came up with the idea because I was tired of having to carry my precious heels in plastic carriers or cramming them into my handbag!

I made my first bag months ago. And I liked using it so much that I wanted to share it with other women who had the same problem as me. And so, Love Thy Heels was born!



Carolynn Binnie, Alexandria Professional

Alexandria Professional supplies over 75% of the world’s professional sugarers with 100% natural body sugaring products. We teach salon owners how to remove really short hairs, with the ancient art of sugaring and as it’s gentle it’s great on sensitive skin. Seeing is believing.



Gillian Balcombe, Gilly B’s Bakery

Gilly B’s Bakery is delighted to be providing goodies for TreatNOW’s launch. What’s important to Gilly B’s is the flavour and the feel-good factor and, whilst our repertoire includes all manner of sweet and savoury treats, we specialise in gluten and dairy free bakes. Sugar free options are now being added as well so that everyone can enjoy something naughty but nice. From promotional logo cupcakes to wedding cakes, with buffets, birthday cakes and decadent chocolate confections in between, we’re always very happy to discuss your foodie requirements – not only for that special occasion, but just because everyone deserves a treat!



Sarah Brailsford, Atomized TV

Atomized believes every story has a right to be told. We are in the middle of a video content revolution that is challenging the traditional advertising model. Smart clients today don’t just want to be advertisers. They want to be content creators, producers, publishers and editors – so that they can tell their stories in the most relevant and engaging ways that go far beyond the restrictions of the traditional advert. We work with our clients to create compelling web and broadcast series that they own and control. We then distribute those series internationally through our network of broadcast channels and web sites. This way of working builds a content library for our clients, delivers broadcast level production standards, rich audience engagement and high media value – at a highly competitive cost and in a very collaborative way. With clients that range from British Gas and Barclays to The River Cafe and Elite Model Management we know that the editorial approach is the most effective form of marketing – so please get in touch if you want to find out more.



Patrick Bryan, Wet Shaving Academy

Patrick Bryan, of The Wet Shaving Academy, has many years’ experience in performing Luxury Hot Towel Wet Shaves and, with a therapist background, understands the importance of treating the shave as a treatment rather than a purely functional shave. This makes him the perfect person to help beauty salons and spas create a fantastic male grooming menu that is going to not only get more men through the door, but also get them to return!




We probably don’t need to introduce Chipotle too much as they are popping up everywhere over London and growing more popular by the day. Just in case you have missed the Chipotle craze however, let’s fill you in. The Mexican grill restaurant, originally from the US, prides itself on its simple yet tasty menu of burritos, tacos, salads and tortilla chips. Their burritos can be filled with a whole host of different ingredients and you can sample these at our launch event.



Amanda Clarke

I’m a portrait photographer based in Hertfordshire and working in London, Hertfordshire, Kent and Essex. I started my photography career here in the UK but really started to focus on developing my own particular style while living in Texas, USA. I chose to specialise in portrait photography after seeing the brilliant reactions when people see a great photograph of themselves. It’s such a lovely and rewarding feeling to know that I am instrumental in capturing someone’s personality. I aim to make my clients feel completely at ease, and I challenge myself to capture each person’s true essence in a photograph, something which I’ve worked on perfecting. My signature style is when I capture a look directly to camera – to me the eyes tell all! I’m really easy going so I love working with people who are open and willing to connect. If you’re in front of my lens I see you as a friend and hope to capture images that will make you smile and be proud to share with family and friends



Camilla J Collins

Camilla J Collins is a Professional Makeup artist and Hair Stylist covering London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk, Surrey, Oxfordshire and often further afield. She offers a Makeup and Hair design service for Weddings, Events, Fashion and Editorial as well as to the TV and Film Industries. Camilla began her career within the Film Industry as a Makeup Artist but she eventually found her calling within the Wedding Industry and has since been growing her business within the Private and Corporate sectors offering Hair Styling and Makeup to individuals for Special Occasions, Weddings and Events. She also offers a more Creative Hair and Makeup service for larger Corporate Events and Private Parties and has a dedicated site for this.



Marion Couffon

Marion Couffon is an agent for AgeLOC, which is a platform that uses the latest research in the science of gene expression (epigenetics). So it can prevent ageing AT THE SOURCE, a major breakthrough for the anti-ageing and wellness industry. Some of these Ageloc solutions include hand held spa devices (for the face, body and hair), topical products as well as supplements. And we now offer this genetic approach for weight management with the first ever natural programme called Ageloc TR90 to work at a genetic level.



Nic Davis hairdresser

Simply Remastered is a hair salon and academy in Central London. With nearly 30 years’ experience within the hair industry, Nic promotes the idea of mastering the basic understanding of hair and hairdressing to both clients and students. Hairdressing has more to do with why we cut hair rather than how we cut it. 80% of clients want creative haircuts which is based on classic principles. The foundation of classic cutting pages the way for increased stylist knowledge and confidence and is the simplest and quickest way to increase client satisfaction and loyalty. Nic’s hairdressing career started at the age of 13 as a Saturday assistant. He worked as an assistant until he became a stylist and then aged 20 he joined Vidal Sassoon. After six months’ intensive training he worked his way up to assistant salon director of the South Molton branch. Preferring classic rather than contemporary hairdressing he gained a reputation for doing bobs, short ladies cuts, barbering and curly hair. Leaving Sassoon in 2000, he worked as a freelancer all over Central London with various top salons, and in 2006 he started developing his own cutting system called Haircutting and Understanding and in 2009 opened his own salon in Fitzrovia where he works to this day running a busy list of clients whilst also training hairdressers in the art of classic and contemporary haircutting and encouraging confidence, trust and constancy. All of Nic’s courses can be run in conjunction with Chairmaine who specialises in hair colouring.



Sue Fraser

Sue is a Business Growth Manager and works for the Business Growth Service – an initiative which helps ambitious SMEs grow faster. The service is for small and medium sized businesses and offers coaching, workshops, master classes and networking opportunities, as well as matched funding for leadership and management training for entrepreneurs.



Deborah Granville, DezEvents

Deborah has over fifteen years’ experience organising events for the corporate and charity sector, as well as social events for friends and clients. After a career in the arts and the law, she volunteered at a charity and went on to manage a large team of fundraisers raising millions of pounds for breast cancer research and other causes. She has organised, planned and managed both small and large events, from a large scale tour of a medical research facility attended by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair, motivational weekend workshops around the UK, charity balls with celebrities and politicians, quizzes at venues such as Middle Temple Hall, The Reform Club and Vintners Hall, film showings and networking events, a large summer fair for her local school, as well as receptions at the House of Lords and charity challenges. Since forming DezEvents in September 2014, Deborah has organised events as diverse as a 21st birthday party for a client who wanted a bucking bronco and sumo wrestling games, a later-life wedding at the Deck at the National Theatre, and a 60th birthday with Miss Ballooniverse and magician Ben Broomfield. She has also written and presented quizzes at the Clissold Arms in North London.


Paul Hallford photography

High quality photographi services, weddings, portraits, lifestyle, sports.

I am a Wedding Photographer covering Norfolk and the East Midlands and if you are thinking about getting married then I would love to hear from you. I am able to photograph your special day from getting ready first thing in the morning to the first dance in the evening. My wedding photography mixes traditional and documentary styles of photography which capture those special moments that help to tell the story of your wedding day. I aim to keep the more formal aspects of the day to a minimum and prefer to agree in advance the ‘group’ shots that are going to be done. This ensures that this aspect of the day runs as swiftly and smoothly as possible allowing more time for the ‘fun stuff’. My style is also unobtrusive and relaxed so the day doesn’t turn into what seems like an endless ‘photoshoot’.


Jason Heppenstall

From being a Metalworker by trade I am now a fulltime Sculptor working with recycled steel. In my studio I am free from the constraints of precision engineering. Able to create free flowing images from the discarded wonders I come across. We live in a disposable age where things are easily tossed aside. These are the building blocks of my art, treasures to find and create with.



Sharon Horncastle

Horncastle London is a niche agency, we opened in June 2014 and we specialise in premium Hair and Makeup services. Each team member comes highly recommended, is experienced and professional, all artists have been handpicked for their expertise. They currently work in Media, Photographic, Film, Television, Theatre, Editorial, Fashion and on Music Video assignments. We specialise in VIPs, Premieres, Red Carpet events, Weddings, Fashion-Catwalk, Film, TV, Theatre, Photographic, Editorial and Events. BAFTAs 2015. My name is Sharon Horncastle I am the Director and founder of Horncastle London. I have 30 years’ experience within the Beauty Industry providing Hair and Makeup services. After many years and much thought and planning my family and I decided to select a team of very talented hair and makeup artists providing services for the Media Industries, Hotel and Salon Industries.



Sue Ingram

Hiring and Firing – How to do it Right! What can you say?  What can’t you say?  Do you know the essentials of employment law?  Can you fire an employee have them thank you as you do?  Find the answers to these questions in Sue’s presentation on hiring great staff and firing difficult staff. Sue’s background is HR, motivational training and executive coaching.  For the past 5 years she has specialised in delivering training program on how to fire staff and her workshop is part of the Lancaster University’ International MBA program.  Her forthcoming book, Fire Well, will be published this summer.



Gita Joshi and her artists

Gita Joshi is an art dealer and founder of Orso Major Gallery in Waterloo. Orso Major is a gallery with a focus on works in mixed media and process led works. Gita has a background in Art History and trained in Curating at Central St Martins. She has worked at Royal Commissions, Architects practices, Galleries and in Investment Banking. As a collector and curator she is known for recognising talented artists early in their career, and has been an early supporter of artists who have gone on to win major awards and accolades. Gita is also a member of the Association of Women Art Dealers. Artists: Gabriela Szulman’s work is inspired by the idea of memories. Using old photographs, documents, magazines and letters, she weaves these into her work, with vintage motifs which evoke memories of a time past. Joe Silcott is a paper and collage artist who finds inspiration in nature and in particular butterflies, moths and the folklore and mythology surrounding these specific insects, to produce work with a narrative quality. “I use and recycle imagery taken from advertising as well as the rhythm and patterns of found imagery and wrapping papers which I then cut up to create a newly ordered image. As well as their obvious natural beauty, I agree with the Eastern belief of butterflies as bringers of joy and being the essence of happiness.”




It’s one thing to attend an event but getting there and back, especially after an after party will always leaving you asking the question should we just get a cab? Well our partner Kabbee will have you saying yes to that question much quicker as they boast competitive prices that are 65% cheaper than a black cab. Plus when you join the app you sign up to earn Kabbee credit which means you can gain back miles, get upgrades and treats the more you use Kabbee.



Laura Kyffin

Laura lives in Norfolk and takes photographs wherever she goes. She is influenced by nature, looking at the extraordinary in the ordinary. She takes spontaneous photographs of everything that she considers interesting, beautiful or quirky, ideally all three. She picks out detail of tone, pattern, shadow and light, capturing the everyday beauty of what may easily be overlooked. None of her photographs are photo-shopped. When not tramping through the countryside she makes bespoke jewellery and runs jewellery making workshops.



Saloomeh Mokhtari, Silk Skin Laser Care Clinic

Silk Skin Laser Care Clinic is a results-driven clinic. We only provide laser and light treatments. Our treatments are tailored specifically to your needs and we have the specialist equipment to treat almost all cases. Our Lynton laser machines are award winning and market leading. We are working very closely with laser manufacturers to bring you only the best and latest state of the art laser technology. Your skin and body matter. You will be delighted to know that Silk Skin Laser Care Clinic is a Lynton approved five star laser and light clinic with outstanding and dedicated services. We value the importance of your face and body and want to bring you the latest and the safest non-invasive laser and light treatments. Your safety is our number one priority and therefore we only employ qualified NMC registered nurses for all non-invasive laser treatments. In due course CO2 invasive treatments at Silk Skin Laser Care Clinic will be carried out by cosmetic surgeons. We know that you expect the best look and feel for your face and body. We also know that you expect treatments to be carried out safely and comfortably. At Silk Skin Laser Care Clinic, quality, safety, comfort and results are equally as important to us as they are to you.



Popcorn Kitchen

It is no exaggeration to say that as a snack, popcorn has made quite the comeback in the last few years and Popcorn Kitchen have played a huge part in that, winning a Great Taste Award last year for their amazing flavours. Popcorn Kitchen hand pop the corn and then flavour with the likes of Sweet Chilli and Sea Salt and Olive Oil seasonings. We can’t wait to get our hands on some of their popcorn at our event!



Andy Rouillard, Axiom Wax Academy

Hailed as “Britain’s top male waxing specialist” by the Men’s Health grooming editor, Andy Rouillard is an award-winning international educator and the director of Axiom Wax Academy. As the UK’s most trusted expert in the art of manscaping, Andy is a regular contributor to the trade and consumer media, a beauty awards judge, salon owner, industry advisor and co-founder of The Hair Removal Expo. He is also the author of several published articles and textbook chapters on hair removal, and recently appeared in the instructional DVD “Tous Les Secrets De L’Épilation” for the French market. Andy has tutored technicians from some of this country’s most prestigious spas and salons, as well as speaking at industry events across mainland Europe, Russia and North America. His unwavering belief that waxing should never be an exercise in endurance has made him a popular instructor, helping therapists from around the globe transform their hair removal services.

Discover the art of male waxing. From bushy brows to furry toes and everything in-between… unleash your waxing mojo with the UK’s most complete training programme for aspiring manscapers. Accredited, trusted and proven techniques to boost your profits and confidence, with courses covering everything from advanced face and body waxing through to intimate hair removal. Stand out from the crowd with Axiom Wax Academy – no nonsense and no compromises!




Sean Rowley, Guilty Pleasures

Sean Rowley is a disc jockey on BBC London 94.9 and BBC Radio Kent.

Rowley devised the Guilty Pleasures concept as a slot on his BBC London radio show to attempt to ‘reclaim’ songs that are viewed as “slightly shameful to love”. His club Guilty Pleasures takes place at KOKO in Camden Town, and has spawned two compilation albums, a Sunday afternoon radio show on BBC London 94.9, and a television show on ITV1 hosted by Fearne Cotton on which established performers perform cover versions of Guilty Pleasures favourites. Guilty Pleasures is London’s biggest, boldest, brashest and best night out. Packed with relentlessly energetic DJjs, acrobatic bedazzling dancers, live bands and speciality performers galore, over seven years it has established itself as the capital’s number one top spot for a P.A.R.T.Y. “It’s infectious and theatrical and rousing and makes you want to dance yourself silly”, The Telegraph. Guilty Pleasures crams an army of entertainment into every party, presenting a fully-fledged live spectacular on the KOKO stage with themes, special guest performers and the greatest musical smashers from the pop and party spectrum – Buggles to Beyoncé, Wild Cherry to Katy Perry, Whitney to Winehouse – all played with unabashed joy and passion that’ll have you bouncing off the walls and head over heels with excitement. It’s what Saturday nights were invented for. It’s our party and we’ll cry if we want to. But we probably won’t. We shall REVEL in the joy of pop!



Helen Sanderson, Ministry of Calm

Founder of Ministry of Calm, Helen works all over the capital, supporting people to clear their clutter, be more organised and efficient, and free up time and energy to focus on what really matters to them. Helen Sanderson, as seen on TV, is an interior designer and a professional organizer. She is an expert on our inner and outer spaces. She was invited to the ‘Ask the Expert’ panel at the Ideal Home Show and was a speaker at Grand Designs Live this summer. Helen has been featured in People Management, FX design magazine and Help the Hospices and is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post. Helen has extensive training in psychotherapy and works as a coach offering premium and bespoke decluttering services. She’s an expert at dealing with clients’ individual mindsets and situations, not just their clutter. She supports people to let things go, whilst keeping their precious memories intact. Having seen the transformative effects that decluttering has had on her clients’ lives Helen understands it meets a need for emotional and spiritual order not just physical organisation. Using great empathy and understanding she supports people to restore their inner calm by creating peace and order in their home. Ministry of Calm is an interior design company specializing in creating inner calm through harmony and order in the home or workplace. She creates beautiful, healing spaces that support people to manage the stresses of modern life. Her clients include Guardian News and Media, Marie Curie Hospice and University of Gloucestershire as well as hundreds of individuals in their homes.




Seraphim Kelly is a singer songwriter from Belfast who is fast becoming a “one to watch”! He is currently gigging around the UK and you can check him out on his Facebook page here:



Jo Tocher, Jo Tocher Holistics

Jo worked in the corporate world until she became unwell and decided to make some changes. She did a diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy at The Tisserand Institute and since then has trained in Aromatherapy in Pregnancy, Indian Head Massage, Hypnosis, Heart Screening and Reiki. She believes Most of is live hectic lives and if we treat ourselves now to manage our stress levels we’ll live longer, healthier, happier lives.



Jane Rafter, Slinks

Slinks are a devilishly clever pair of sandals. A luxurious leather base of a sandal with interchangeable uppers. From just one base comes a variety of sandal options, imagine new shoes every day!

Slinks are comfortable, beautiful and unique. When in place the uppers appear fixed, but can be changed quickly and easily. From simple strappy leather styles for day to beautiful intricate hand beaded uppers for night.

Interchangeable sandals are perfect for city breaks or summer holidays, ideal for a capsule wardrobe, weddings and honeymoons.

Slinks, simply because, one pair of sandals is never enough…



Sara, Waxissimmo

After a long career in IT sales, Sara decided that it was time to do something that she really loved and enjoyed. So, in 2010, Waxissimmo was formed: an exclusive, home-based beauty salon that offers top quality treatments to both men and women. Working in conjunction with Andy Rouillard of the Axiom Wax Academy, Sara and Andy decided to complete the Axiom Wax Academy’s offering by devising female waxing courses to enable therapists to receive the best training possible. Despondent with low end cheap quality training courses, many therapists have trained with Sara in the art of female waxing and grown their businesses from strength to strength.




Yazor Yazor was founded by a few ambitious optimists from London who had a burning desire to help small businesses thrive. Through hard work, dedicated learning and a pinch of good luck, our clients started doing just that, and Yazor Yazor became what it is today. What we do today is give new businesses the means and tools for growth. We can inject life, energy and marketing know-how into your project. It’s true there is no fast track to success, but at Yazor Yazor we’ve learned some of the most successful ways to get your business ahead of the game. We’ve created a team and network of exceptional individuals who use a collaborative approach to help our clients succeed. Working primarily with small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) we started helping our clients gain exposure, expand their customer base, develop a lovable brand and have the successful business they always wanted. We love what we do, so armed with our years of experience, we just want to spend our days working to make your goals a reality. This is our story so far, we’d love you to be in the next chapter!


Huge thanks to all of you!


About treatnow.co

TreatNOW is a new way to find and book really good last minute health, hair and beauty appointments - launching in London Spring 2015
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