TreatNOW’s Treatment of the Week: The Oxygen Facial

In the battle against tired skin, lines and wrinkles we can often go to some extreme lengths to get the dramatic results we desire. However, invasive treatments aren’t for everyone and so many, including the likes of Madonna, are now turning to the Oxygen Facial as their go-to skin booster. Offered in numerous salons around London, this unisex treatment creates visible changes to the skin using the air that we breathe everyday. So what exactly does Oxygen do for the skin and how can such a simple sounding treatment yield such incredible results?

Credit: matchfitskills on Flickr 2013

Credit: matchfitskills on Flickr 2013


As a non-invasive treatment, the Oxygen Facial does not involve any injections. Instead it harnesses the power of pressure to push Oxygen into the skin. A small tool containing a mixture of pure oxygen – purer than what we breathe – and a special skin serum is applied to pores and distributes the mixture into the skin. What makes this treatment a favourite of celebrities and suitable for both sexes is that it doesn’t cause any trauma to the skin, meaning that there is no telltale signs that you have had a facial. Unlike other facials you don’t have to wait 12 hours before wearing makeup and many people claim that due to its skin smoothing properties, the Oxygen facial actually makes makeup application easier.


Oxygen is a vital component of our skin’s structure and it helps to maintain moisture levels, keep collagen and sebum production in check and just generally gives skin a youthful glow. However, as we age our supply of Oxygen naturally reduces and skin can lose hydration and plumpness, leaving your complexion looking a little tired, prone to congestion, fine lines and wrinkles.

A burst of Oxygen into the pores helps to tackle these issues as well as using its anti-bacterial properties to strengthen the skin’s immune system, reducing redness and the likelihood of a breakout. The Oxygen facial acts as a detoxing force on the complexion and it will instantly leave you with firmer, younger looking skin that feels hydrated and refreshed. It can be done as a one off treatment but many salons recommend that you opt for a round of treatments to oxygenate the skin fully.


Due to its simple application and popularity, the Oxygen facial is offered at salons all over London including The Stratford Salon in East London. Here a 1 hour 15 minute session costs £80 and you will get the real homely, independent salon experience, with attentive staff and a relaxing atmosphere. You could also head to Nicky Salon in West Kensington where you can either chose an hour treatment for £50 or £65 for 90 minutes. The salons owner Nikesha Sharma has 21 years holistic beauty experience and has been practicing beauty treatments in the UK for over 14 years and the salon has become a wellbeing destination for many Londoners. You will definitely be putting your skins in good hands. Finally, for a more luxurious treatment 122 Knightsbridge has a £120 1 hour 15 minute treatment, which they have branded the Oxy-jet Facial. They recommend 5 treatments to get the skin fully oxygenated.








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