TreatNOW’s Top 4 London-Based Dermatologists

Our skin accounts for 15% of our body weight and is the largest organ of the human body and, although those facts might be shocking, it is no surprise that there is a whole profession dedicated to the care and health of our outer layer. Dermatology professionals on the one hand care for skin health and help to correct medical conditions, but on the other hand they can be the go-to place for a luxury treatment and preventative methods to help with acne, ageing and just generally making our skin look great. London is host to a number of top dermatologists and we have selected four of them that you should consider going to for your next treatment.

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Skin Matters: Dr David Harris

This Harley Street practice is clinic of an excellent standard and it prides itself on offering the best in aesthetic and medical dermatology. Dr David Harris has over 30 years of dermatology experience, is a member of the British Association of Dermatologists and is trained in a variety of aesthetic techniques including laser treatments. We recommend trying Dr David Harris’s microdermabrasion, it is 40 minute treatment which uses a Diamond Tome skin resurfacing system which improves the skins textures and assists with common skin complaints without being as harsh as other microdermabrasion treatments.

Claudia Louch

Claudia Louch is a holistic skin specialist whose clinic embodies a natural but scientific approach to skincare whilst maintaining a reputation as one the best places to go for dermatological treatment in London. Models and TV presenters trust Claudia’s approach and her expertise in natural holistic therapy and nutrition has even seen her consult on the BBC. Her clinic offers a wide range of treatments, which includes an initial skin analyzer consultation where Claudia and her team will assess your skincare needs. Claudia has also developed her won skincare range using her expertise, which you can purchase from her clinic and online. One of the best treatments to try is her Fango Natural Mud therapy ,which uses special anti-inflammatory mud to remove toxins from the skin to help improve its appearance and wellness.


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Debbie Thomas

When the likes of L’Oreal and Elizabeth Arden ask a dermatologist to consult for them, you know that dermatologist is going to be pretty special. Debbie Thomas has been in dermatology for 15 years and has established herself and her clinic as the best on the international dermatology scene, with the like of models, presenters and A-list celebrities coming to her for treatments. She is most famous for her DNA Laser treatment, which is formulated specifically to each client’s skin type, so that each treatment is unique and maximizes the possible benefits to the skin. For this year, however, Debbie Thomas has launched a new 3D and 4D skin tightening treatment, which uses multiple lasers to target trouble areas on the face. This radical treatment, with a recovery time of 2-5 days, is set to be the next big thing for technological skincare.

Carol Joy

Carol Joy Hatton has spent years researching and developing the secret to perfect skin and she believes that, with the help of Swiss scientists, she has found it. Golden Millet Oil is the ingredient at the core of Carol’s skincare range and dermatological care and it contains properties to make it one of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients. It helps to balance the skins moisture levels, regenerate the epidermis and aids skin healing. Carol Joy’s dermatology treatments at the Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane are internationally renowned, and her facial is the signature facial at that prestigious salon. You can also try out Carol Joy’s infamous treatments at Harrods Urban Retreat in London.








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