TreatNOW interview: FOUR London; hair colour techniques at its best

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

With an eclectic mix of celebrity clients such as Tess Daly, Lorraine Kelly, Mark Foster and David Morrissey, specialist hair colour salon FOUR London continues to grow in line with their customer’s individual needs. Focusing on total colour transformations and colour continunity, the FOUR London team pride themselves on their bespoke services such as their Colour Contouring technique and Wave Bar service. These are achieved using a Personalised Diagnostic Consultation for each client so as to get a flawless colour effect.

TreatNOW were very pleased to catch up with the founders to talk about their beginnings, their charm and their future:

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How did Four London begin?

FOUR London is the brainchild of four of London’s top hair colour specialists, Brooke Bohan, Maleeka Robb, Charlie Double and Denise Arnold.  We have over 40 years’ experience between us of each having trained and worked at one of the top hair salons in Mayfair for more than ten years. This is where we met and formed a firm friendship.  During our careers we travelled worldwide educating hairdressers in the art of colour correction and highlight placement techniques.   When the time came for us to open our own salon, we wanted to do it together – we wanted to create our own brand of hair colour magic and combine our years of collective colour expertise and customer care services into a salon that would become the hottest colour specialist salon in town!  


In your opinion, what is the selling point of your brand? What makes you different from other hair care brands?

We are a specialist colour salon.  The FOUR Directors are all top professionals in hair colour. What sets FOUR London apart from their contemporaries is our diagnostic approach to colour, problem-solving where necessary so that clients are fully aware of why certain issues arise with their colour and work with the colourist to overcome these concerns. Our in-depth consultation process is unique.  It takes place ideally at least two days before the appointment, thus enabling the colour team to bring in the appropriate products tailored to each individual client’s needs.

The team excel in total colour transformations, often being called upon to change the hair colour of actresses and actors for TV and Film roles.  The beautifully blonde Amanda Redman is a case in point. Preparing for her role as Tommy Cooper’s wife in last years’ TV drama, she had to forgo her trademark blonde for a darker brunette shade.  We were the only colour specialists she would trust to complete the transformation – and then turn her safely and healthily back to blonde once filming was finished. [The same for] Yasmin Le Bon who decided to swap her dark her for blonde. Charlie Double, one of the FOUR Directors was the only person she would entrust this job to.

Colour continuity is also a priority, with guidance provided for clients as to how they can maintain their hair colour for longer in between salon visits – with bespoke products tailored for them to use at home. This is a particularly valuable service to business clients who travel extensively and may not be able to get to the salon, but want their hair colour to remain looking fabulous at all times.  

Credit to Ebury Publishing on Flickr, 2010

Credit to Ebury Publishing on Flickr, 2010


Can you give us some tips on how you can develop a brand and grow your customers?

I think the key is to know where you position yourself within your genre of business.  We are continually developing our brand and learning as we go along.  You have to know your market and explore the possibilities that are out there.  Get help from other professionals if you need to, as you can’t do everything yourself.  Two heads are better than one and getting an objective viewpoint is paramount.  We are lucky in that we are FOUR very different individuals and each bring our own ideas and personalities to the table.  It is working for us but still a learning curve.  We pride ourselves on listening to what our clients are telling us and we often take advice from them.  It’s a rather over-worn statement, however ‘thinking outside of the box’ is something you do have to do.  We grow our customer base by ensuring that each and every client that leaves our salon is happy with the customer care and hair service they have received.  Word of mouth is the best form of recommendation. 


According to yourself, what is the newest beauty trend out there for men or women and why?

Hair colour techniques and colour trends come and go.  However we find that Balyage is still going strong, probably one of the more durable trends of late, but we always try to create a seasonal colour technique ourselves such as our new Colour Contouring [technique]. On the styling front, waving the hair is a big trend of the moment inspired by LFW and celebrities on the red carpet. We have just opened our Wave Bar in response to demand.

Credit to Walking with the Wounder on Flickr, 2011

Credit to Walking with the Wounder on Flickr, 2011

















How do you make sure that your customers find you?

We use Google, Facebook, Twitter [and] Instagram. We employ a good PR [person] to get the word out there via media, blogs and e zines.  Existing clients constantly recommend us to new clients and as a [consequence] this has definitely helped to make us one of the busiest salons in town.


If a new business/salon was setting up, what’s the best piece of advice you could give them?

Get good business advice. Get a good PR [person]. Know your market and be prepared to work 24/7 in order to build your brand.


What is next for Four London in terms of treatments or services? What can we look forward to?

We have a few irons in the fire at the moment, which we can’t actually speak about, but suffice to say it is an exciting time for us. The launch of our new Wave Bar [is one to look forward to].  We listen to our clients and respond to their needs which is why we are now open every other Monday (we used to be closed on a Monday) and we have a late night on Thursday’s. 


FOUR London’s Colour Contouring scheme is ideal for those with curly/wavy hair who want to accentuate the straighter sections of their hair. The Wave Bar offers an Express Wave or Luxury Wave service based on the hottest catwalk trend, ‘Vague de Cheveux.’ You can find out more at:   


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