TreatNOW discovers: 5 inspiring London-based therapy services we wish we had at our workplace

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

With our busy working schedules and our intensive routines when at home caring for our families, there’s so little time to look after number one. Wouldn’t it be terrific having convenient and easy access to these beauty and wellbeing services at work? In-office wellbeing has proven to promote a much healthier, friendlier workforce and in turn has shown to improve team productivity. Furthermore, booking appointments can severely interfere and shorten those much needed days off. Below, we list five inspiring London-based therapy services; each package being very unique, incredibly handy plus super beneficial for your health:

Credit to  ESTELA Belleza y Medicina Estética on Flickr, 2011

Credit to ESTELA Belleza y Medicina Estética on Flickr, 2011


Magnificent Massages

Who wouldn’t love a massage in the office? The Organic Treatment Company with their unique mobile services packages offer Corporate On-site massage services for your workplace. Stress, gruelling tasks at the desk plus the constant pressure of staying on top of deadlines can be eased out with a sample of this special VIP treatment. Leaving you feeling de-stressed, valued and cared for, a massage at work could be the best lunchtime pick-me-up to motivate you and be productive for the rest of the day. The Organic Treatment Company could mean a quick set up in a corner or within a meeting room meaning that you no longer have to make time to book in a massage and travel to a professional masseuse out-of-hours. They make sure that their package can fit into your company’s working day seamlessly and offer massages around the offices timeframe. A good back massage can counteract all the sitting you do. Constant sitting and hunching tends to lead to imbalance. That imbalance can occur mainly for those with a desk job. If you schedule a regular massage, it can reduce the chances of you becoming one of those poor people always dealing with postural stress in the shoulders and neck area.

Exercise and Posture 

Posture Dynamics out of clinic services specialise in providing organisations with Pilates and rebalance classes on site. Pilates strengthens your deep abdominals, shoulders, hip and back muscles giving you core strength and improving the body alignment. It is a series of stretching and strengthening exercises designed to condition your body’s core, aimed at preventing back pain common for those who spend hours at a desk. Posture Dynamics Pilates has exercises designed to return the spine to its natural curvature and rebalance the joint muscles.

Their Rebalance programme is a 30 minute group workout to rebalance, relax and re-energise the body for the afternoon ahead. This class can give an awareness of good posture which can be used whilst continuing with your working day. Posture Dynamics will also help you improve on core strength and flexibility whilst learning techniques that improve your balance and posture while sitting at a desk. Just see it as a short break from stressful office tasks to focus on breathing, stretching and accessing the deep core stabilising muscles. This is not the type of exercise that requires regular attendance or any dedication so the odd class during a lunch break or a dead afternoon is a fantastic way to recharge without having to interrupt your family-spent weekends for the routine exercise class you’d usually have to book.



Life Coaching

Individual life coaching can inevitably build up team morale, improve the dynamics of the work environment and address your own personal issues and wellbeing, both in and out of the workplace. Glo-Wellbeing‘s at work life coaching classes concentrates on an individual’s complex needs, being that there is rarely time for many important business men and women to sit down and really reflect on their own issues and stress levels. Glo offer a flexible approach and many de-stressing techniques to use. Life coaching is an empowering system of tools taught to an individual to help eliminates stress, break old-patterns, and create new possibilities meaning they can wholeheartedly enjoy their personal and professional lives. This type of treatment ensures that staff experience good health at work, re-energising and helping to maintain high levels of productivity for longer. Happiness is extremely key to life, whether it be at home or at work; something most busy professionals tend to disregard and forget.

Holistic Treatments

Soul Centering have put together a fantastic holistic work-based package to help employees relax, release stress and get more in touch with their spiritual side leading to better resourcefulness and approach to work challenges. Holistic treatments are said to enhance creativity and decision making. Soul Centering provide on-site wellbeing sessions including crystal therapy, Reiki and Sekhem healing proven to promote relaxation and stress release individuals. Holistic therapies are proven to improve your natural sleeping patterns and reduce stress levels thus boosting your energy, recharging the body as well as refocusing the mind. This in turn will build morale among the team, improve performance at work and general productivity, inspire and motivate the workplace. The package is flexible including a series of individual and group workshops, each running between 15 minutes to an hour long. The package as a whole can be available to run for half a day or a full working day.

Credit to slgckgc on Flickr, 2013

Credit to slgckgc on Flickr, 2013


Manicure Services

Why not get those claws prettied up at the office? Take 15 offer a great at-work manicure and pedicure service which is a massive asset to any office environment. We all love getting our nails done but it takes up so much time! We’ve all had that stress of hoping to get an appointment right after work and then realising that it’s going to have to wait to the weekend. Wouldn’t it be great to conveniently fix that annoying chip or broken acrylic in the comfort of your office and maintain your professional look? Take 15, being an office based wellbeing company will endeavour to polish up your nails quickly as they are used to dealing with clients who are pushed for time.


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