Wax It, Shave It, Sugar It! Part 2 with the Wax Daddy

Back to the Wax it, Shave It, Sugar It roadshow and, next up, Andy Rouillard and Sara Harwood were showing  just how to get the max from your wax.

It helps that they use only the best waxes too – Andy helped develop the complete range of Outback Organics wax products.  Now that’s what I call hands on! Andy and Sara specialize in male waxing, Andy was one of the very first to do so. They will wax everything you can think of and a few things that you might not!  See December’s interview here. He also set up the Axiom Wax Academy to teach his skills to a growing industry. His courses are BABTAC and Guild of Beauty accredited and he can provide training in-house at your salon. One of the courses we were especially entranced by was male facial waxing. The courses teach you how to wax unruly eyebrows, bushy nasal hair and tufty ears either in a barbers chair or on a couch. You can find details of the Waxing for Barbers course at the end of the blog.

So how on earth do you remove nasal hair with wax?

First apply wax to the outside of the nostril and then gently squeeze the skin together and hold in place. It is essential that you do one nostril at a time – it helps if the client can breathe!

image image





Then for the fun bit – apply a strip and firmly remove in one sharp movement.


I know, I know. Your first reaction is “Yuck!”. and your second is “let’s have a closer look!”


And now for the ears!


The last thing you want is wax all over your client’s hair, so first cover the area with a wax strip. image

Gently and delicately cover the outside of the ear and the tragus with wax.

imageBe very careful not to drop wax in the ear canal. When you are training, try to cover with a piece of wax strip. There you have it – nice neat ears.

Sadly I missed the eyebrow wax demonstration, but they did look very tidy afterwards!

You can find out more about Andy and Sara’s Waxing for Barbers and other courses here.


News coming soon of a demo day in London!

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