Wrap it up with love: 4 body wraps mum will enjoy on Mother’s Day


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Mothering Sunday is rapidly approaching! Stuck for gift ideas or even something to do with the Mum on the day? We’ve got a killer idea; also coined as a ‘body cocoon’, a body wrap is a spa treatment which enhances your skin and also acts as a slimming down technique. Formulas and oils are thoroughly worked into your arms, legs and torso before being wrapped up in either cotton, bandages or plastic film to extract toxins and excess water from beneath skin. Get yourself and mum prepared to be worked on wearing just swimwear or lingerie for an extensive exfoliation, allowing the skin to be detoxified. Your body is then slathered with oils and minerals before being wrapped up and in some cases, heated beneath warm towels to provoke sweating from the pores. You are then left to relax until the therapist unwraps and then moisturises you from head to toe.

In short: this conditioning treatment (done over the entire body, except the face and privates), aims to detoxify and tighten the skin whilst shockingly easing off your excess fat! Since this is such a must have for celebrity clientele, why not make Mum feel like a star for the day as a way of commemorating and reminding her of just how important she is.

As well as being a fantastic Mother’s Day treat, a body wrap has a ton of benefits and they all come in so many different varieties in terms of ingredients and the materials used for each experience.

Be prepared to strip down, relax and be wrapped like sushi (quite literally sometimes, body wraps can often involve seaweed) while we indulge you with four deliciously appeasing body wraps that cannot be missed out on this Mother’s Day:

Credit to Jeyheich on Flickr, 2008

Credit to Jeyheich on Flickr, 2008

Paraffin body wrap

Paraffin wax is petroleum-based. It hydrates and penetrates the skin while the coating softens up the surface of the skin increasing circulation and freeing pores which is great for dry skin. The wax will trap the treated area, heating and relaxing the surrounding tissues.

Because of its qualities, wrapping is not really necessary for this skin-softening body wrap. This will be a treat as instead of being wrapped, the warm paraffin wax is brushed directly over your body and self-seals once dry, which means Mum will barely have to lift a finger!

Petroleum jelly is a purified mixture of semi-solid hydrocarbons extracted from petroleum. A household ointment used for just about everything plus being an oil-based emollient makes it a long-lasting lubricant to smooth and protect dry skin by replacing lipids, filling in the gaps between skin cells.

When rinsing off, it is advised that clients do not use shower gel or any other cleansing product when rinsing as it tends to strip your skin of the oils and minerals applied in the wrap. Thus obviously being a complete waste of your money. Incase Mum is reaching those tender years, this hydrating treatment can soothe arthritis and joint pain and also relax your muscles. It begins with a full body scrub containing a blend of sea salt which prepares the skin to receive the full benefits of the wrap. As well as killing some of those extra inches, the treatment will decrease stress and lower blood pressure. Skin will feel soft and hydrated from the cocooned feeling of the hot towels, releasing nasty toxins within the skin after just one treatment. Find this amazing body wrap at Le Crisadore Beauty Clinic located in Catford.

Credit to  Dennis Wong on Flickr, 2008

Credit to Dennis Wong
on Flickr, 2008

Universal Contour wrap

The Universal Contour Wrap™ involves wrapping in your body with specially crafted Contour Wraps, pre-soaked in a pure Sea Clay solution to contour the body. It is suggested that you should get Mum a succession of 3 of these wraps to be had with no longer than 10 day gaps in between, ensuring dramatic inch loss. Nevertheless, this still acts as an amazing detox for your entire body regardless, as well as being an amazing present. This specific wrap promises to exfoliate and cleanse your skin, tighten up loose tissue and is excellent for reducing cellulite and stretch marks. Just to stress again, it is apparently common for people to also drop an entire dress size with this wrap when supported with healthy eating in the process. If there are more Mother’s Day plans later on in the day, Mum will get to feel and see the benefits of the wrap herself which is a wonderful excuse to perhaps buy her a new dress?

Sea clay is very beneficial because of the high concentration of calcium, magnesium, bromide, potassium, and sulfate minerals which absorb easily into the skin. The minerals built up underneath the ocean floor for thousands of years develops into clay, a high concentration of these minerals trapped into it’s substance is capable of maintaining healthy looking skin. Calcium promotes cell renewal and maintains a strong barrier to hold onto moisture whilst the sodium accelerates the aging process. Magnesium soothes damaged skin and protects it from allergy rashes, the bromide repairs skin cells to restoring vitality.

In the treatment, the therapist compresses soft tissue with elasticated cotton bandages, using wrapping techniques to lift, shape and flatten bulges. A sea clay solution cleanses and rids your body of toxins stored between the fat cells.You will be measured before & after the treatment so that inch loss can be calculated, most lose between 10-14 inches or more on their first wrap. Over the three treatments, you should lose in excess of 25″ over the course. This is great for anyone who wants an immediate slim down and to tighten the skins tissue for when you need to squeeze into THAT outfit. Even without keeping it up, the slimming lasts up to 1 month. It will reduce any bloating normally experienced after giving birth or recent weight gain. We advise you get this wrap at Park Hair and Beauty Salon in Battersea.

Credit of Dennis Wong on Flickr, 2009

Credit of Dennis Wong on Flickr, 2009

Chocolate and Mint Thermal Body wrap

This delectable wrap found at Singhar West End Beauty Clinic shrinks, contours and remodels your body whilst reawakening your metabolism in efforts to get rid of cellulite and fatty deposits in unwanted places, thus decreasing the overall volume of your body so we strongly advise this one for Mother’s Day! What woman doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate contains a multitude of ingredients, one obviously being cocoa.

This natural product loaded with active materials which are protective for the skin is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidant properties of the flavanols within cocoa give the skin protection against reactive forms of oxygen generated when harmful UV rays hits the skin, making the treatment great for regular tanners. The ageing of skin caused by these UV rays is the result of damage to the skin’s proteins caused by these reactive forms of oxygen. The caffeine contained within cocoa beans also brings many skin benefits.

Of course, caffeine can boost the users mood but can also provide you with a toned and smooth complexion and is considered a stronger antioxidant than green tea.

The stimulant dehydrates fatty cells thus meaning stored water disappears from the surface of your skin, minimising the appearance of cellulite and smoothing your skin. Caffeine can provide you with a flawless appearance and used topically can tighten fine lines and combat puffy skin. An added plus is its ability to constrict blood vessels to reduce redness and calm minor irritations. With all this in one wrap plus a mint infusion, this unique treatment as a present to show your love, how could you go wrong?

Credit to Roberto Fontana on Flickr, 2008

Credit to Roberto Fontana on Flickr, 2008

Musclease Aroma Spa Ocean wrap

The name itself is good enough draw me in. A Musclease aroma spa wrap will find yourself and Mum completely wrapped in seaweed which warms up your muscles with a combination of ocean-themed aromatherapy. The wrap contains pine and rosemary essential oils to help with the pain of arthritis, tiredness and aching muscles- an extremely sensual, aromatic body wrap. Seaweed is incredibly blood purifying as the chemical composition of seaweed is almost identical to human blood plasma, meaning that it is superb at regulating and purifying the bloodstream. It alkalizes our blood, and helps neutralise the fatty effects of our modern diet.

Its many qualities combined will boost the weight loss process and deter building cellulite.It naturally has high levels of concentrated iodine which stimulates the thyroid gland, which is what is mainly responsible for keeping a healthy metabolism. This is a great one for companionable times, so we seriously recommend this gift also if you plan to enjoy the experience with your mother at the True Beauty Salon.

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