Wax It, Sugar It, Shave It, Try it!

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Last week, four hair removal enthusiasts from the worlds of waxing, sugaring and shaving got together to offer a new and exciting event for hair removal specialists looking to improve or learn new skills.

The session was run by some of the charming and friendly people I met at the Hair Removal Expo last year:

Andy Rouillard and Sara Harwood from Axiom Wax Academy, Carolynn Binnie of Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring UK and Patrick Bryan from The Wet Shaving Company and academy.

They are passionate about providing an excellent service.

It’s not often therapists have the chance to get together in a relaxed environment to troubleshoot common issues, watch close up demos and try out some new techniques themselves.  Waxing, sugaring and shaving can work well together; to give your clients the very best in temporary hair removal treatments.

People came from all over –  Devon, Poole, Kent and London!  I’m going to start with Sugaring today and over the next few days I’ll cover the ‘Waxing For Barbers’ course and the delights of a proper wet shave.

Carolynne BinnieSugaring

Sugaring is one of the most ancient forms of hair removal. It’s use is traced back to the time of Alexander The Great and it was widely used in Persia nearly 2000 years ago. Carolynn Binnie has been wildly enthuiastic about sugaring for many years and has many happy male and female clients. Carolynn trained with Alexandria Professional in 2010 and was so delighted with the results on her clients and how her business grew so she traveled to Buffalo USA and took extensive masterclass training with Lina Kennedy to become the UK Distributor and Educator.

In between demos, I had time to ask her some questions:

What exactly is sugaring?

Sugaring is an alternative to waxing. Hair removal is performed by applying a pliable sugar paste to the skin and removing it with a flick of the wrist in the direction of hair growth.


imageWhat are the advantages of sugaring?

Sugaring is very good at removing very short hairs, even shorter than waxing. Because you work with sugar paste at room temperature, it means that it’s very good for sensitive skin and you can go over the same area repeatedly if necessary. Sugar does not adhere to live skin cells, so although you are still pulling out hair from the root, it can be less painful for some people.

imageIs it slower than waxing?

An experienced therapist will take about the same time as an experienced wax therapist.  It does take a bit longer to learn and be good at, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s very easy.   It smells nice and it’s nice not to have to keep dipping into a hot wax pot.

imageWhat is sugar paste and what’s the benefit of using a professional product?

Sugar paste is a delicate balance of sugar, lemon juice and water. You can make it at home.

The beauty of using professional products is you are guaranteed the consistency and you can be 100% sure that the ingredients are pure and natural.  Alexandria Professional do not add any other ingredients to their sugar paste as they are unnecessary. Environmental conditions and clients skin conditions play a large part in your product selection and Alexandria Professional  produce soft, medium and firm sugar paste so that with experience you are able to remove all hair in all condition.

The great thing is that one small ball of sugar, can do a whole body, so you are using less product and you don’t need strips or spatulas.

Can it do a full range of body parts?

All areas of the body are able to be sugared, all skin colours and all hair types, including the very popular Hollywood, Brazilian and the male sac, back and crack treatment.

I have a number of regular transsexual clients who like to keep their body hair free.  Treatment time vary but for one of my clients who has hair removal every 4 – 6 weeks over his entire body it takes   2hrs 15 min.  Sugaring on a regular basis, leads to hair refinement and makes the treatment easier and quicker.  We teach our clients how to look after their skin and feel good about themselves.  Being hair free often gives people more confidence and  Lucie, another therapist agrees, it can take a few sessions to learn the pattern of a clients hair, especially if there is a lot of hair.  Lucie says she has a regular asian gentleman, who had thick hair on his back. The first session took over 2hrs.  He now comes every 6 weeks and it takes 45 minutes.  His acne and ingrown hairs have cleared up, his skin is in much better condition and he has a much smoother back.


You can find out more about Carolynn’s courses and treatments and book her here

You can also download her new salon owners guide to sugaring here

My husband (willingly I might add) volunteered to be a demo model. Hair was removed from his shoulders and lower back. He declared it pain free and his skin is still smooth a week later!

TreatNOW is hoping to sponsor a London drop-in day soon.

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  1. frenchvanillandcoffee says:

    Love this. I have heard of sugaring but never tried it but I think I’ll give it a go!


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