TreatNOW Asks The Experts: What type of massage is best for you?

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There are many different types of massage and each have different benefits; this can sometimes make picking the right massage a tricky task. Some opt for a massage to treat the odd ache or slight pain, others use massage to tackle health issues such as insomnia, still others simply go for a massage to relax and release stress. If you pick the right treatment and a good masseur or masseuse a message could do you a world of good but it’s always good to know what your letting yourself in for before climbing onto the massage table. With that in mind, TreatNOW got in touch with several professional therapists to find out more about the different type of massage, their benefits and what potential clients should look for when booking a treatment:

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Massage for Health Issues

Some massages can have real health benefits; deep tissue massage, for example, focuses on realigning layers of muscles and connective tissue. This sort of massage is particularly helpful for those suffering from chronic aches and pains. Sports massage on the other hand is usually designed to compliment an athlete’s training regime but can also relieve common problems such as repetitive strain injuries and fatigue. Massage and reflexology therapist Nico Austin suggests that when choosing a massage you should consider both what you’re planning to do after the treatment and what results you hope to achieve; according to her, “Many people have had treatments that are nice but don’t do anything”. The key is to do some research and find a massage that really meets your individual needs.

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Combining massage with another form of therapy can also be beneficial. Holistic practitioner Jo Tocher incorporates aromatherapy into her massages which she believes “takes the experience to another level as it works on the physiological, psychological needs”. Jo uses essential oils in her massages and chooses specific oils to meet each client’s needs; for someone suffering from arthritis she’d use German Chamomile and Lavender whilst for muscle pain she uses Eucalyptus and Rosemary. By combining both techniques, therapists like Jo hope to put clients at ease as, while a massage can help treat a variety of ailments, it should also be a relaxing experience.

Massage as a Stress Relief Mechanism

The stress relieving properties of massage attract many us and some therapists really try to enhance the psychological and even spiritual benefits massage. London based holistic therapist Tamzin McGann uses her background as a Reiki practitioner to give her massages an extra dimension. For Tamzin, her Reiki training allows her to “sense things in a client’s physical form and on an emotional level” which helps her to provide a better service. Tamzin is also a Yoga teacher and many of her clients take a Yoga class before a massage making the treatment part of wider commitment to health and wellbeing.

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In short, whether you have a specific, chronic health concern or a simply looking to relieve stress and increase your mental well being the right massage could be very beneficial. With so many massages out there and whatever your needs, you’re sure to find a treatment that suits you.







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