TreatNOW interview: Tiger Therapy and sports massage with Marina Kyriacou


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A vital goal of a sport massage is to get rid of the stress and tension that becomes part of your body after physical activity. However, a sports massage would also be beneficial to those who have a stressful work life and want to alleviate the burdens that they are currently carrying, whether they are an athlete or an occasional gym-goer. TreatNOW takes a more detailed look into the benefits of getting a sports massage with Marina Kyriacou, the founder of Tiger Therapy:

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What encouraged you to qualify in sports massage and what types of massages do you offer? Do you offer massages to clients after your fitness training or is it strictly recommended for athletes only?

Generally Sports Massage appeals to athletes, gym users, yogis, dancers etc though it’s not strictly limited to them and all my other types of massage are equally as open to anyone. I offer Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Body Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology. I qualified as a sports massage therapist as it sort of bridged a gap between Personal training and Holistic Massage. Sports massages enhanced areas of my personal training as well as my massage.

– What are the basic elements of the sports massage that you offer and how can it restore your client’s mind and body?

The primary goal of a sports massage is to restore functionality to the musculoskeletal system either post injury or as a result of over use/overwork. Sports massage will asses imbalances using range of movement tests and combined with assisted stretches can release tight muscles that may be causing pain or discomfort in the joints and surrounding muscles, thereby increasing circulation and reducing metabolic waste.

Primarily this type of massage is aimed at anyone engaged in regular physically activity or competitive sporting events but it can however be extremely beneficial to anyone regardless of fitness levels.

Likewise,  Deep tissue massage will seek to restore tight and tender muscles though this treatment will not include Range of Movement tests or muscle energy techniques…

Other types of Massage such as Holistic Massage therapies (Swedish Body, Indian head) work towards rejuvenating mind and body as well as restoring the physical. The emphasis is on the relaxing element created through deliberate soothing strokes which build up to the deeper applied pressure depending on the client’s needs or preferences. Massages are known to improve mood, induce relaxation and thereby reducing stresses and anxiety.

Credit to  Nick Webb on Flickr, 2009

Credit to Nick Webb
on Flickr, 2009

– If someone has never invested in a sports massage before, what would you say to encourage them?

Sports and Deep tissue massages are essential to anyone looking to keep themselves at optimal performance, for sports, physically demanding jobs, or any other physically demanding hobby/activity. Regular massages can limit the possibility of injury, assist with recovery from intense training/physical labour and can also improve performances, as an athlete, a yogi a dancer, martial arts or any other competitor & weekend warrior!

– Did you go into sports massage rather than any other massage as a result of your boot camp fitness training background?

Sports massage brought together my skills as a holistic therapist and my knowledge as a personal trainer, it sort of bridged a gap and combined the elements of both that I enjoy the most, as well as enhancing my skills in both areas.

Credit to  Steven Depolo on Flickr, 2009

Credit to Steven Depolo on Flickr, 2009

– What can clients do after a sports massage to continue to reap its benefits?

After a sports massage sessions are always followed with a few post care recommendations, this could be stretches or strengthening exercises for example that will help maintain the work done during the massage.

– How do you relax after work, what’s your favourite piece of beauty advice and how do you make your clients feel special?

I relax after work through strength training or kick boxing and with regular revision of my qualification as a Sports Massage Therapist. As I am not beautician I don’t have any advice on that one!

I make my clients feel special by addressing their specific needs whether on the gym floor or in the massage room. I always make sure that I follow up with their aftercare and I make sure that they feel they can ask or contact me about anything at all. All my clients are extremely important to me and I will always do my best by each and every one of them.

Credit to  Thais Wellness Centre, 2009

Credit to Thais Wellness Centre, 2009

What has been the greatest moment of your career so far? Have you experienced clients looking and feeling healthier right before your eyes?

I see improvement physically and technically with one of my current PT clients almost each week. It really is amazing to see someone improve their endurance levels, improve their technique on many different exercises and go heavier with the weights too. With the massage I get a tremendous high from knowing that my clients have walked away feeling better than when they arrived. One of my clients is a runner and we work a lot on the legs for maintenance and optimum performance, but other times on the Back/Neck & Shoulders for relaxation and Stress relief.  Another client is Physique competitor who simply enjoys the release of tension in the rhomboids. To be able to give someone an instant feeling of wellness or a release of tension or distraction and relief of stress is an amazing thing and I love working with my hands.

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