TreatNOW picks: Strange DIY Weight Loss Tips (That Might Just Work)

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In theory, staying in shape should be easy; all you need and a good, balanced diet and plenty of exercise. But when you’re trying to fit into that pair of skinny jeans who has time for ‘common sense’ and ‘good advice’? When you’re trying the shift the weight, you need a little extra help in the form of a few unique tips to aid you in your quest for perfection. Fortunately the internet is full of strange, funny and, sometimes, downright dangerous weight loss tips. And guess what? Some of them may actually work.  Here’s TreatNOW’s quick rundown of 3 of the strangest but potentially effective weight loss tricks around:

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  1. Eat Cake For Breakfast: We all know that having a big, healthy breakfast is good for you but did you know that cake, yes cake, could be an essential part of that hearty morning meal? A study in Israel found that dieting obese patients who ate a breakfast rich in carbohydrates and protein and then finished off their meal with a sweet treat were more likely to stick to their diets than those who ate a low-calorie meal. It’s thought that adding a sweet snack to your breakfast helps curb your cravings later in the day; in short if you have a muffin with your breakfast you’ll be less likely to want to open the biscuit tin later on. This may sound like an invite to, literally, have your cake and eat it but remember everything in moderation (damn!).
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    Pick The Right Seat and The Right Companions: Meals out with friends are simply invitations to ditch your diet and eat all the food. Luckily, according to the internet, there are ways you can minimize this deadly threat to your waistline. First off pick the right seat; when eating out shared temptations (bread etc.) end up in the middle of the table so try to sit near the end to avoid filling up on extras. Secondly, and this is pretty weird, only eat with men. Yeah, told you it was weird. Apparently, American researchers found that both men and women eat less when they’re dinning with men; the researchers theorize that we are more conscious of our gender when eating with the opposite sex which leads to different results for men and women. When around men women will eat less to appear more feminine whilst when eating with women men will eat more to try and look more masculine. It is unclear why men think overeating will help them with the opposite sex at all but there you go. Anyway, essentially people of both genders eat less around men; make of that what you will!

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    Sniff Nothing (Except, Perhaps, Vanilla): Smell is one of the many things that makes eating enjoyable and, as we all know, eating is what causes obesity; clearly something must be done about this whole “food smells nice” thing. To that end, some people are now clipping their noses whilst they eat; I repeat, some people clip their noses shut whilst eating. The rationale is that smell is one of the things that triggers hunger and entices us to eat more so by eliminating it you’ll only eat what you need. By donning a peg or a nose clip every time you eat (even in public) you’ll theoretically eat less and thus lose weight. Also eating will become a miserable experience so there’s that. There is research, however, to suggest that one particular yummy smell could actually help you lose weight; a study at a London hospital found that putting vanilla scented patches on the back of people’s hands reduced their sugar cravings. Bizarrely it is believed that the delicious smell of vanilla curbs our cravings for sweet foods. So next time you feel tempted by that slice of (non-breakfast) cake, just light a vanilla scented candle.

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