TreatNOW’s Treatment of the Week: The Vajacial

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Another week, another new facial hits the market but this one’s a little different. In fact, it’s not for your face at all. The Vajacial, as demonstrated recently on This Morning is a facial for your vagina; this may seem at bit odd at first but nowadays there seems to be a whole host of intimate surgical and non-surgical body treatments (from the ‘Vajazzle’ to the Labiaplasty) so really a facial for your vagina seems like a natural progression. Vajacial therapists claim that a vajacial can restore your genitals to their former glory with one proponent of the treatment claiming that men now say she has the “vagina of a 25- year-old”. So, do feel like your lady-parts are in need of a little TLC? TreatNOW can help you decide whether a vajacial is what the beauty therapist ordered:

Credit: Ayla87 Free 2007

What Is It?

Like facials, Vajacials vary from salon to salon; the procedure, again like a facial, generally involves a deep cleanse, the application of a mask to the ‘ahem’ area and also tweezer extraction of any stray hairs. The treatment is often recommended after a Brazilian as waxing can often leave the vaginal area prone to acne in ingrown hairs. If you’re looking to give your vagina a really thorough clean you can even combine a vajacial with a vaginal steam during which your genitals are gently cleansed by steam.

Where Can I Get It?

Vajacials and other vagina treatments can be found at spas and salons up and down the country. In London, one can pop into the Ministry of Waxing who can charge £60 per session for a visit. There are also a variety of DIY vajacial recipes online like this one so you can also give yourself a vajacial at home.

Is It Safe?

Credit: svilen001 Free 2009

As with many vaginal treatments, the vajacial is quite controversial. Whilst it may seem like a no-brainer to give your downstairs a bit of a spruce up, the vagina is actually perfectly capable to taking care of itself. It is self cleaning, has its own healthy PH balance and is also full of helpful microorganisms that protect the body from infection. Over-cleaning or the application of harsh products could upset the organ’s natural balance; really all you should need to give your vagina a good clean is a gentle soap and warm water. That being said the vajacial is not as invasive as some vagina-related procedures and so it probably won’t cause you any serious damage.


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