TreatNOW How To: Treatments to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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As January is drawing to a close; hands up everyone who’s kept their New Year’s resolutions? Making promises on December 31st is easy but keeping them until February or further down the line is hard. If you’re having trouble sticking to your resolutions, there’s no shame in asking for a little help. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, lower your stress levels or just embrace a healthier lifestyle booking a treatment or session with a professional therapist could be just what you need to renew your resolve. Here’s a quick rundown of treatments by TreatNOW that could help you keep those all important resolutions throughout 2015:

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To Keep Fit Try a Personal Fitness Session

Many people decide to get into shape for the New Year but cold, dark winter mornings and the shock of gym can often make such dreams of fitness seem out of reach. Hiring a personal trainer may seem a bit extreme or expensive (especially after forking out for gym membership and new work out gear) but in reality a session with a trained fitness professional could do your new workout regime a world of good. A personal trainer can provide the motivation, advice and support everyone needs when looking to get fit. Having somebody there to push you beyond your limits is bound to help keep your ‘get fit’ resolution but what many people don’t realise is that there is often a lot of technique involved in certain exercises. It is very easy for the uninitiated to receive no benefit from an exercise or even injure themselves simply by doing it wrong so taking the time to learn proper technique from a professional trainer could be crucial.

To Lose Weight Book a Body Wrap

Whilst there is little evidence that body wraps actually produce long term weight loss they could still help those looking to shed the pounds simply by increasing their confidence. A body wrap does help you temporarily lose a bit of water weight and can make the skin look firmer and smoother which could give an unhappy dieter a real boost just remember such treatments are no substitute for diet and exercise. In addition, like many a spa treatment, a body wrap is relaxing making it ideal for those stressed out by a January weight loss regime.

To Relax Opt for a Massage

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Speaking of relaxation those hoping to cut their stress levels in 2015 should give a massage a try. As anyone whose had a massage will know they can not only be used to tackle a host of physical ailments and injuries but also to increase one’s mental well being. If you’re having a hard time keeping stress at bay a calming massage, perhaps featuring aromatherapy oil or combined with another spa treatment, could be just what you need to relax.


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