Facial Aftercare: 5 tips on getting the most from your beauty treatment

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When enjoying a luxurious spa or beauty treatment one often gets caught up in the moment. After all that’s the idea; beauty treatments are generally as much about relaxation as they are about long-term benefits. In that relaxed spa-induced state, it can seem like one treatment can be enough on its own to solve all our beauty woes. Yet there’s no such thing as an easy fix and all the best beauty treatments require the customer to take steps to make sure that their treatment does have the desired effect.   The aftercare process is  even more important after undergoing a facial treatment as there are many different types of facials but they all leave the skin sensitive and vulnerable. If you want your facial to really rejuvenate your skin you’re going to have to give your face a little TLC to help the process along. With that in mind, TreatNOW provides you with 5 tips to help you care for your post-facial face and really get the most from your treatment.

Credit to  bluewinx15(BACK) on Flickr, 2008

Credit to bluewinx15(BACK) on Flickr, 2008

No Make-Up- This may seem like an anathema to many beauty lovers but almost all facial experts suggest that clients stay away from their make-up bag for at least 12 hours. Cosmetic products, especially products such as heavy foundations, can cause inflammation and irritation. Remember after a facial, your skin will be sensitive so it’s really not a good idea to cover it harsh chemicals. It you absolutely must wear make-up try gentler mineral products but if you really want the best from your treatment ditch the slap for as long as possible.

Credit to  mozzercork on Flickr, 2006

Credit to mozzercork on Flickr, 2006

Sunscreen – Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is something you should be doing on a daily basis anyway but, again, due to the sensitivity caused by most treatments sun protection becomes even more important in the wake of a facial. If you don’t already, try using skincare products that contain SPF which are actually quite common and relatively easy to fit into a skincare routine. It goes without saying that sunbathing is probably a bad idea after a facial.

Credit of Dennis Wong on Flickr, 2009

Credit of Dennis Wong on Flickr, 2009

Avoid a selection of other spa/beauty treatments at the same time – As your skin will be prone to irritation stay away from heat treatments such as the saunas or sun-beds; some salons will even suggest that you stay clear of the pool as well. Similarly, other beauty treatments such as laser hair removal and microdermabrasion are a big no-no; if your facial is part of course of treatments your therapist will always make sure there’s a decent interval between each appointment.

Credit of  rxp90 on Flickr, 2010

Credit of rxp90 on Flickr, 2010

Keep Hydrated- Everyone knows that drinking water is good for your skin and after a facial staying hydrated becomes even more important. Good hydration is essential for skin cell regeneration which is key after a facial. Some practitioners recommend that you drink as much 2 litres of water a day but in reality an average woman needs around 1.6 litres of fluid a day and that includes all drinks. Cut out unhealthy options such as alcohol and sugary soft drinks and try to drink several glasses of water a day.

Credit of  Cajetan Barretto on Flickr, 2008

Credit of Cajetan Barretto on Flickr, 2008

Live a healthier lifestyle- This might sound like both a no brainer as well as a little extreme for just a beauty treatment. Saying that, improving your diet and getting some exercise can really help benefit your post-facial skin. A good, balanced diet can aid your skin’s recovery whilst regular exercise can help relieve stress which also takes its toll on the skin. Perhaps rather than seeing a facial purely as a one-time beauty treatment, you should view it as a chance to reboot your entire health and beauty regime and make positive changes to your lifestyle.


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One Response to Facial Aftercare: 5 tips on getting the most from your beauty treatment

  1. Melody Brown says:

    I like what you said about no makeup. I used to get almost no zits, but then I started wearing makeup more. After I started to limit my use, my zits and redness went away.


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