TreatNOW discovers: 5 of the World’s Weirdest Beauty Treatments

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Most of us are happy with a relaxing massage, a rejuvenating skincare procedure or a refreshing spa treatment. Others, however, are not satisfied with run of the mill, normal or even sensible beauty treatments; they want something different, something unique, often something incredibly expensive. The rich and famous are always looking for something new and special and fortunately there are a legion of beauty salons, spas and entrepreneurs dedicated to providing them with just that. With that in mind TreatNOW have scoured the internet to bring you a quick rundown of the world’s weirdest beauty treatments.

Credit: caeraglo Free 2007

1.     Gold Facials- Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but, apparently, solid gold is great for your skin. Historical figures such as Cleopatra used gold as part of their beauty routines and modern day gold facials are designed to take advantage of the metal’s healing properties. Gold based treatments vary but generally seem to involve the application of a gold mask and gold serums to the skin. Rodial’s Gold Bee Venom Facial, which counts Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz amongst its fans, involves both the application of a 24 carat gold mask and bee venom and gold serum. This treatment is supposed to have a similar ‘freezing’ effect to Botox and costs an eye watering £1000 a pop.

Credit: Robert Pittman on Flickr, 2012

Credit: Robert Pittman on Flickr, 2012

2.       Bird Poop Facial- Sitting at the other end of the scale is the Geisha inspired ‘bird poop’ facial. The story goes that in the past Japanese Geisha’s used a cream derived of Nightingale dropping to revitalise their skin after a day wearing harmful lead based make-up. The dropping are said to contain beneficial enzymes that help heal and brighten the skin. Today, the Shizuka Day Spa in New York claims to have brought this ancient treatment into the 21st century in the form of a facial. You’ll be glad to hear that the poop is cleaned with ultraviolet light and combined with other ingredients (to hide the smell) before being applied to the skin.

Credit: tome213 Free 2006

3.       Snake Massage- Ever felt the urge to let a nest of snake slither down your back or across your face? No us neither. An Israeli spa, namely Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm, however, sees things differently; the owner claims that having wriggling snakes travel up and down your spine and onto your face actually has a soothing effect, much like a traditional massage. Fortunately all the snakes used in this treatment are non-venomous.

Credit: Zeiss Microscopy on Flickr, 2014

Credit: Zeiss Microscopy on Flickr, 2014

4.       Stem Cell Treatments– The use of stem cells may still be a controversial issue for many but for the vain few they present an irresistible opportunity. Stem cells are cells that transform into other cells and make repairs to the body; whilst scientists hope, in the future, to use them to treat all kinds of disease cosmetics clinics today are offering stem cell based procedures. Such treatments generally involve removing cell from one part of the body, using liposuction, and then injecting them into the face to remove wrinkles. This may sound like to key to attaining eternal youth but in reality there is no scientific research to suggest that injecting stem cells into your face could actually make a difference.

Credit: meltingdog Free 2014

5.       Beer Bath– According to The Beer Spa in Prague the benefits of a good, old fashioned   Beer bath have been known for centuries. Heated up in a bath the beer’s hearty combination of barley, hops and yeast is said to release vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins into the tub, which is good for you, somehow, apparently. At The Beer Spa, which seems to be the world’s only beer based health and beauty destination, clients get to soak for 30 minutes in a beer filled tub equipped with its own beer tap before moving on to other more traditional spa treatments such as massage. Sounds legit. For those who prefer other beverages there’s actually a theme park in Japan that gives visitors the opportunity to swim in pools of Sake, red wine and even green tea. Clearly bathing in drinks is now a ‘thing’.

What do you think of our list? Have you tried anything more unusual? TreatNOW wants to know.

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