TreatNOW’s Treatment of the Week: Skinbreeze’s Orbital Microdermabrasion

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Credit: ESTELA, Masaje facial on Flickr

Credit: ESTELA, Masaje facial on Flickr, 2011

Facials have to be one of the country’s most popular beauty treatments. It’s easy to see why; a good facial can be both a relaxing experience and leave the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. There are always exciting new facials coming onto the market and recently a new breed of anti-aging facials are beginning to grow in popularity. Such facials are often presented as a less invasive alternative to surgical intervention or treatments such botox and have been nicknamed “notox” treatments by the press. Non surgical, spa based treatments such as collagen facials, vitamin C treatments and even oxygen infusion facials can all be used to fight wrinkles. But, TreatNOW believes that one of the most exciting anti-aging procedures in this week has to be Skinbreeze’s Orbital Microdermabrasion.

What Is Orbital Microdermabrasion?

Skinbreeze’s innovative system is a combination of three age defying treatments; microdermabrasion, light therapy and oxygen infusion. In light therapy, an LED light is used to clear up scarring, acne or other skin concerns such as winkles.

Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation procedure that uses tiny grains to strip away dead skin; in contrast to other providers Skinbreeze use a crystal free technology that allows for more precise and controlled exfoliation. This combination of light therapy and microdermabrasion is enhanced by an oxygen infusion or that helps calm the skin and stimulate healing. In essence, Skinbreeze’s Orbital Microdermabrasion tackles several age induced skin gripes; dead skin is swept away by the microdermabrasion, wrinkles are reduced by the light therapy and skin is soothed by the oxygen infusion. The ultimate three-in-one, don’t you think?

Credit: Grand Velas Puerto Vallarta StockPhotos 2013

Skin breeze recommend that clients take on a course of 5 Orbital Microdermabrasion treatments spread over 5 weeks as well as 5 other Skinbreeze treatments to get the best results. The average length of each treatment is 45 minutes. All of this makes this and other “notox” anti-aging procedures much more time consuming average facial. With a plethora of home beauty devices (especially light therapy gadgets) on the market you might be tempted to try and treat yourself at home. Such home spa products, however, are rarely as effective as a professional treatment regimen such as those offered by Skinbreeze.

Credit: Dollen StockPhotos 2013

Who’s Had It?

As well as being ideal for treating fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging this treatment is also suitable for tackling problems such as acne and scaring. Skinbreeze’s system can be used on all adult skin types so it should come as no surprise that such a treatment has been a hit with celebrities with both TOWIE and MIC stars such as James Diags and Binky Felstead. You can even check out videos of Skinbreeze’s celeb fans getting their treatments here. Isn’t it fascinating?

skin treatment, facial

Credit to Wirawat Lian-udom on Flickr, 2008


Where Can I Get It?

For those looking to follow in these stars’ footsteps, Skinbreeze’s Orbital Microdermabrasion can now be found in spas throughout London including the Bliss Spa in Sloane Street, Beauty Works West in Notting Hill as well as being available from renowned London facialist Debbie Thomas. You can find a full list of the salons that use Skinbreeze here. Just search for the one that is closest to you. TreatNOW knows that you could be saying hello to radiant, effortless skin in no time.

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