Advent Blog 17. Master Practitioner Peggy Guglielmino talks to us about Hypnotherapy

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Peggy Guglielmino  was introduced to me by Samantha Lawton back in August.  Sam runs a number of Women In Business groups and used to be a Hypnotherapist herself.  So I knew then that Peggy must be something pretty special.

Peggy is an integrative hypnotherapist, combining different approaches and philosophy to tailor make her treatments for her clients in order to achieve the most effective results. Her company is called Life Therapy Centre and her speciality is Integrative Hypnotherapy and she is a Master Practitioner.

She also provides NLP, life coaching, EFT and CBT in Highgate, North London, and South Molton Street, Central London.

We had a 10 minute taster session at the Christmas Hampstead WIBN meeting, it was a wonderful oasis of calm in what was a very busy week for me!

image1. Why did you become a hypnotherapist?
I’ve always been fascinated by the mind and psychology, and found that talking therapies had limitations as they didn’t offer concrete solutions. I decided to turn to NLP and hypnotherapy to find more concrete ways to help my clients and since observing incredible results, I’ve continued adding tools to my tool box to have more options and more flexibility.

2. Why and when did you decide to be a sole trader or a company?
In my line of work we are working by ourselves anyway, and I like the independence and freedom of being my own boss!

3. What makes your service special?
I work with my clients to identify their needs and based on their uniqueness, I create treatment plans especially tailored for them, instead of applying ‘one size fits all’ processes and exercises. I offer much more than hypnotherapy, as I integrate everything I know and I’ve learnt, so my treatments are very whole and complete.

4. Did you or your company prepare a Christmas marketing campaign and what did you do?
Not really. I tend to be quite busy year round.

5. What’s your preferred ways of communicating with clients?

6. What’s your biggest challenge in 2015?
Making sure I keep time for myself and maintain a work life balance as I get very busy!

7. What’s your hidden talent?
By training I’m also a classical musician, which has given me high level skills in sensitivity and intuition, which I find extremely useful in my practice with clients.

8. What your proudest business achievment in 2014
Running 3 successful businesses! My own hypnotherapy practice, where I’m fully booked, running a holistic clinic which is going really well, and running a training company where I train people to become NLP therapists and hypnotherapists.

9. How do you relax?
I love my pet duck!

image10. What’s your favourite piece of business advice to pass on?

Always believe you’ll achieve your goals and don’t give yourself a choice.

You can find out more and book Peggy here and you can also book her team of therapists at the Highgate Holistic Clinic here

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