Advent blog 15: Melanie Harris Freelance Hairdressing – Helping Families in Essex

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Salon owners and therapists enter your email here

Melanie Harris has been nominated by Nico from Nico Tailored Therapies in last week’s blog. Nico always has very creative, great hair. She’s also a busy mum and runs a thriving business full time. She needs to look good, but have something that’s easy to take care of. I caught a Facebook call-out to her favourite hairdresser that intrigued me. “Dear Melanie Harris, I’m flexible next week, when is best for you? Please make my hair pretty – striking caramels, browns and a dip-die crimson somewhere, cut wise. I think you had a great idea :)”

Now that sounds like a great relationship to me and I wanted to find out more about Melanie. So here we go!

image1. Why did you become a hairdresser?

I didn’t originally want to be a hairdresser,  I wanted to be a medical secretary!!  It came to doing my work experience at school and the only job available was in a salon – and it was right around the corner to my family home.  So being a teenager thought,  ooh, lie-in let’s go for that!!  I ended up absolutely loving the whole atmosphere. I love meeting new people and experiencing new things and challenges. The salon offered me a Saturday job and that’s what lifted off my hairdressing career.

image2. Why and when did you decide to be a sole trader or a company?

I became a freelance hairdresser after having my children, as it was a lot easier with child care. Especially after my youngest was born, as she had just been diagnosed with autism!   Knowing what that’s like for other parents who are also in my situation, it’s very hard to take your little ones, who do have special needs, to a salon or a noisy/different environment as that can really stress them out and cause a meltdown! That’s not only embarrassing for us, the parent, but also extremely stressful for the child! So being able to go to their home, where they’re comfortable and feel safe, has been quite refreshing for some parents and families!

3. What makes your service special?

I’m glad I can help families with children who have special needs, as that’s something very close to my heart! I also am able to offer a wedding package including trials and on the day,  I have a great knowledge of colour and cutting.

image4. Did you or your company prepare a Christmas marketing campaign and what did you do?

I’ve not prepared a Christmas campaign as such. I’ve a Facebook page which shows some of my work, (it is fairly new so hasn’t much on there yet),  so I have been advertising on there. I also have leaflets and cards dotted around nurserys and schools.

5. What’s your preferred ways of communicating with clients?

I have my Facebook page, which has my contact details, and I also have my email address.

6. What’s your biggest challenge in 2015?

Biggest challenge for 2015? Being able to work more, as my youngest will be attending a special needs school. Also, caring for her needs as well as my families and working.

7. What’s your hidden talent?

Hidden talents? Uuummmm, I can flair my nostrils really fast!  Haha! I’m very proud of my colouring achievements and all that I’ve accomplished through my hairdressing career.

8. What your proudest business achievment in2014?

My proudest achievement apart from my children, of course, is styling hair for the X-Factor in 2004/5.  Also, styling hair for magazine Take a Break. For competition winners, they were both amazing and a great experience.

9. How do you relax?

Oddest request was by a man who asked me if we were a topless hair salon and could he get a massage too??  You can imagine my reaction hahaha!

image10. What’s your favourite piece of business advice to pass on?

Business advice?. . . . Follow your dreams. If you want to do something, do it. Don’t let anything or anyone tell you otherwise! The only one stopping you doing things is you! Life is just way too short and you’re a long time dead!!!
But also advertise, advertise,  advertise.

Melanie is based in Southend, but covers most of Essex too, give her a call or like Nico shout out to her on Facebook!

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