Hair today, gone tomorrow P3: How to Attract and Keep a Man (Male Clients)

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Coming soon, find & book who’s near who’s good and who’s available NOW! Barbers, salon owners and therapists enter your email here:


Mark and Geraldine Sproston run a hugely successful training academy and they have also developed and launched their own product range. Here’s some notes from Mark’s presentation at the Hair Removal Expo 2014.

How to Attract and Keep Male Clients

imageThe male market is growing year on year. There more men in spas and lots more men having regular beauty treatments. They just don’t like to call them that and why should they? We here at TreatNOW make it easy by having a Male Maintenance icon.

It’s not just gay men and the metrosexual hipsters that want to look good. All those waxed and buff sports men in the 2012 Olympics showed that looking sleek was practical as well as decorative. As women spend more and more on grooming, they now expect their men folk to make an effort as well.  You need to look professional in the boardroom and on your Linkedin profile. Plus those dating apps need good pictures.  Not to mention Facebook, Instagram and twitter –  men take selfies too!

So what treatments do men like and what do we call them?

The classic Barber shop shave has always been a treat. Add some extra massage and a face mask and there you have it – a wet shave facial.

Massage and exfoliate – let’s call this a Scrub. Men really benefit from this treatment, their bodies tend to be hairier and the skin tougher. Plus, men hardly ever moisturise their bodies. A scrub sloughs off the dead skin and makes them much …. nicer to be next to!

imageManscaping – Waxing is waxing. In addition to our smooth sports heroes; swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, iron men… we also have David Beckham and a whole host of male models gracing magazines and billboards flexing their smooth hairless bodies.

Wedding packages.

Grooms want to look good on their special day too. Why not hang out with your mate or even your Dad a day or so beforehand. Chill with a few beers for an afternoon, what about a cut throat shave? A manicure for the ring shots? A pedicure so your toes look nice on the honeymoon? Maybe a back wax or more… if you are heading for a beach?

Create a man space.

There’s some fabulously styled barber shops out there, if you are a unisex salon take some inspiration from them.  The aim is to make men feel comfortable and feel like they belong there. it’s likely that most of your posters are going to be of women. Ask your manufactuers for some posters of men having treatments too.image

If you have the space, a separate area with posters of men having massages, being shaved, being spray tanned etc. Will make all the difference. Supply a few sports and music magazines. GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health etc…

Think about a neutral colour scheme and put some beers in the fridge along with the wine.

Retail – another good reason to invite men in.

imageMen are happy to buy products if there’s a good reason and they are reasonably priced. The Shave Doctor has developed a range of products all for under a tenner. Salons can buy a starter pack for £150.


imageThe Shave Doctors are also pioneering new treatments with the cut throat razor. Asian men like getting their back shaved. In Greece women are queuing up to get you their legs shaved. Mark got the idea when his wife was pregnant and a new business idea was born.

If you prepare skin properly and use proper aftercare then the results can last longer than the usual 3 or 4 days.

imageShaving with a cut throat razor has a similar effect to Dermaplaning, which is popular in Japan and helps to keep the wrinkles at bay.

Clearly you need a highly trained specialist, but a cut throat razor can remove up to 9 layers of epidermis.

The Shave Doctor offers a full range of Wetshave and many other courses worldwide.

You can find out more here.

imageI was so impressed I bought some products for my husbands birthday and gave them to him this morning – he absolutely loved them!  They have a satisfying texture and smell great.

Still to come this week, interviews with Hair Expo exhibitors and attendees and the subjects that kept that wrap up debate so lively!

Thanks for reading, liking and sharing, I’m still new to blogging and your encouragment has been lovely!

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(Photo credits:File:Chest_waxing.jpg licensed with Cc-by-sa-2.0, ShaveDoctor & Treatnow)

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2 Responses to Hair today, gone tomorrow P3: How to Attract and Keep a Man (Male Clients)

  1. You hit the spot that men are wanting to look good. The truth is, we have always wanted to look good. Currently, we are experiencing a revival of grooming traditions men had in the past, but that withered away as time passed. The wet shave that you mentioned near the beginning is one of them – and a highlight to when it comes to standard male grooming. It is beneficial to all men, and is worth the investment for the return of quality that he becomes.

    Whether it is for self, father, brother, loved one, or any man in your life, we are confident that appreciation will come for being introduced to this classic tradition:


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