Sara Hill from TreatNOW – my highlights from Professional Beauty North in Manchester

cropped-image1.jpgWe had a fabulous time at one of the biggest beauty shows in the North!  Brows were big and lashes were huge! We saw lots of great products and demonstrations, met some celebrities and got lots of great advice from experts for business owners.

photo 3

Gina Akers

First things first, I sat down and had a chat to TV presenter and beauty expert Gina Akers. @GinaAkers We discussed the importance of the Habia professional registers that she is supporting. TreatNOW will be recognising and featuring members from the registers. It’s fantastic to have an industry benchmark to raise standards and increase customer trust.(Don’t you just love her hair!)  

Amy Childs worked her socks off and was lovely to everyone. Celebrity certainly hasn’t gone to her head. She was there from morning, to the very end of each day, manning the till, tirelessly smiling for pictures and restocking shelves. We salute you @missamychilds

Amy Childs working hard on her stand

Amy Childs and her team, hard at work on her stand

Nouveau Skin Therapy had two fantastic stands right at the entrance with their elite team. Including celebrity facialist Elizabeth Caroline of @aquaviespa & permanent make up expert Camilla Seton @CamillaSeton. They were demonstrating their @nouveauAlift loved by the stars. I saw the results with my own eyes and I want one!

@nouveauAlift non surgical facelift

@nouveauAlift & @EllieGoulding

Lycon pain free underam waxing demo

Lycon pain free underam waxing

Lycon’s pain- free underarm waxing demonstrations were mesmerizing. We stared hard at the model’s eyes but they barely flinched when the wax came off. I’m sold, I’m finding a salon that stocks Lycon wax.

I also have to shout out to @saminapure. I bought some mineral foundation and eye make up last week at Salon International and I’ve worn it every single day. My skin is clearer, my make up bag slimmer and my purse fuller – no need for liquid and powder, this magic pot does the lot. The dark sparkly eye make up has a great dense colour that you can layer for a more dramatic effect. I’m a convert in case you hadn’t noticed!


Sara Hill @TreatNOW & @SaraHill42

And now how to make the most of your business from the experts:

Kirsty Jewson told us to focus on going the extra mile for customer satisfaction.  To stand out from the discount landscape you need to focus on quality of care. From the simple things; like smiling, courtesy and cleanliness – to quality of refreshments, a professional receptionist and friendly staff, trained to keep up with the latest trends. It’s all of these things together, that help to retain your client’s loyalty. Hug them in and make them feel special! Also hold regular evening events at least once a season

John Bonney of @Rocketfish explained the secrets of SEO and told us that if we do nothing else, we should register with Google Local – now known as Google My Business – to get ourselves on the map.

Liz McKeon, Beauty Business expert, answered the top 5 questions for business owners:

  • How do you recruit great staff? Listen to your gut.
  • How to manage them? Firm but fair. Use mystery shoppers to check the client experience.
  • How do I increase product sales? Teach your staff how to soft sell. Invest in training.
  • How do I fill my column? Ask for referrals and book in the next appointment
  • How do I go from breakeven to profit? Get staff onside, they should be working harder than you.

There was much more and I’d advise reading her excellent blog

Claire Aggarwal and Charlie McCorry of Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty gave a detailed and thoroughly practical presentation for people thinking of becoming a mobile therapist. Full of top tips, in-depth advice and a goody bag too. Did you know there’s around 70,000 to 80,000 therapists in the UK alone!

  • Again, client service has to be superb. Dress smartly, adopt a uniform. Insure yourself fully.
  • Do the research about the area you want to cover and it’s demographic.
  • Be organised, keep expenses in monthly labelled ziplock bags. (I need to do this!)
  • Make detailed client notes.
  • Stick to a brand.
  • Use partitioned plastic boxes to keep nail polish easily accessible for transport.
  • Use plastic flooring for waxing.
  • Invest in a lightweight massage table from the start. (It’s cheaper than 2 massage beds, one of which you will stop using completely)
  • Use nut-free hypoallergenic oil and think about how not to trash the furniture. (It’s best if you don’t actually have to use that insurance too much!)
  • Most of all be safe. Use mobile tracking on your phone and always tell someone where you are. There was so much more – you can contact them here
    Perfect10 Mobile Goody bag

    Perfect10 Mobile Goody bag

    Menno Kuijper from @gappt told us to get planning for Christmas

  • Plan, plan, plan!
  • Create a marketing/social media diary and plan out your campaign.
  • Source material and commission artwork now – you’ll be too busy to do it later.
  • Start creating tweets and put them on Hootsuite.
  • Research your festive #hashtags.
  • Newletters – make them fun like
  • Don’t forget Halloween.
  • Research has proved that men are drawn to prices written in classy red! (not cheap red mind!) So get your gift displays ready.
  • Gift vouchers – display them prominently at reception.
  • January – don’t panic!  Use the quieter time, to tidy up, refresh your surroundings, refresh the team. It’s a good time for training and brainstorm with your staff to come up with ideas for the coming months.

Catherine Trebble, Social media expert; told us how to make the most of it! First, she gave us some top tips on thinking up blog posts.

  • Identify your audience and remember why, what, where, how, when.
  • How to handle public complaints – talk back to them and deal with the issue directly. Did you know you can delete incorrect or unfair Facebook reviews? I didn’t!
  • She also handed out a free social media business planner.  So you can plan ahead and post with Hootsuite or Bufferapp.

There’s lots of fantastic tips on her website and you can get a free consultation too.

Catherine Trebble

Catherine Trebble with half naked tan man ?

Catherine Trebble presentation

Catherine Trebble audience profile presentation ?

Which image do you think would get more shares?









TreatNOW is a new, no nonsense, mobile health and beauty bookings site for men and women. We’re launching this Winter with your help and are looking for our first 100 salons, barbers, freelancers and therapists in London. No contract, no minimun fee, no mandatory discounts. We’ll be expanding to other cities and indeed countries next year. Wherever you want us, we’ll be there!  Please sign up here for more information. (I promise you will not be spammed)

If you sign up today you’ll be entered into a prize draw, a day at The Instant Pause, provided by the wonderful life coach Danielle Marchant.There are more details on the previous post.

The Instant Pause

The Instant Pause –

Danielle MarchantDanielle Signature

Thanks for reading, I’m new to blogging, I’ve been terrified about starting for ages. I’ve rather enjoyed putting this together though I’m sure it’s too long! – Let me know what’s working and what I can do better next time!

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TreatNOW is a new way to find and book really good last minute health, hair and beauty appointments - launching in London Spring 2015
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